Last chance for a goodbye

Hi I'm Simone (si-mown) and this is my first story,
Jodi was an ordinary girl who had a 19-year old sister named Jillian. Jodi was 10 years old, one day, she got lost at the park looking for her mom until, a strange woman took care of her and helped her find her mother which took about a week. Realizing, she had just changed her sisters life.... And then the whole story takes place, with Jillian in the middle.... What happens next? Find out!


12. Hospital

Simone's P.O.V.

Everything was fine until, Chiro handed her a magazine with a picture of Harry and Amy kissing on the cover. Yanna passed out on the floor, we panicked and headed to the hospital. Who knew being heartbroken for the third time especially with Harry Styles would lead her to this. If only Jodi never would've gotten lost, then Harry would've never broken her heart like that, kissing her best friend. When we arrived they put her on a bed and rushed her to the Emergency Room. Doctors and Nurses rushed in and out bringing injections, machines, medicines. We were very worried about our cousin. Jodi called her mom and Auntie Anne. I don't know why though... The doctor approached us saying "Good afternoon Miss, I am Doctor Ysabel Du. We have ran some tests and it seems that, Yanna is alright but it seems she is in a coma as of now... We don't know when she wakes up but, she is perfectly fine... You may see her now though....." The doctor explained as we let out a sigh of relief. I sware that I will never let anyone break her heart again!!!

Harry's P.O.V.

Someone called my mother, I don't know who though... But, after the call she looked depressed. "Mum?" I asked. "Yes, dear?" She replied but I could tell she would cry. "Who was that?" I asked. "Jodi..." She said softly. "What did she say?" I asked once more. "She said that her sister saw her ex- and he handed her a magazine with you and her best friend Amy kissing on the cover than she fell on the ground and passed out...." She said still sad. I was shocked I couldn't move!!! I was so drunk that day. Was she mad? Would she ever forgive me? It's all my fault! I can't believe it hurt her that bad! I mean...... Maybe she liked me? I just couldn't believe that I Harry Styles did this to her... I couldn't move the only thing I did was think.... Then I got in my car and without any distractions, to the airport, then off to Boston to visit her.

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