Passing Moments (15+)

This is our first Movella ! ♥ so please dont hate & tell us what you think about our first chapter & if we should continue !!(:

- & if there is a story similar to this let us know so we can change it ! n__n

Lots of love , A & B c:


1. The Intro

Katherine's P.O.V


I'm Katherine , I'm not very liked by anyone .. I am 14 , chubby & very shy ... i have black short hair that goes on top of my shoulders , & baby blue eyes . I live in Los Angeles , California . For freshman year i'm going to be an exchanged student and go to London , i'm not so excited cause everyone will eventually end up bullying me like they do over here .But once I moved to London everything Changed.....




♫ Authors Note ♫ 

- Hey Guys its A & B♥ we just wanted to let you know this is just the beginning & it will get alot better & if you have any questions comment below ! :D 

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