Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


20. Waking

Tom was the first to wake up. Hours seemed to have passed since he’d been asleep. Where was he? It took him a few moments to remember what had happened. He felt disorientated, unsure of his surroundings. He opened his eyes to find however that it was still night. Mai was sleeping peacefully against his right side with her arm around Tom’s stomach. For a few seconds he wondered how he’d got into this position. What had happened to him? Then his memory of the fog and the night’s events came back to him. 

 The fog, the sensation of movement all came back to him. Where was he? He realised that his back was against a tree. Had they moved during their sleep? He couldn’t remember. The last thing he had remembered was that they’d all been together. He didn’t remember being next to a tree, but it’d been such thick fog.   

Through the trees he could see the stars in the sky. He gently shook Mai who stirred a little from the sleep. However she was obviously still in a deep sleep as she changed her position slightly to hug him even more. Her face looked peaceful and content. It was a nice feeling to be so close, Tom thought. He nudged Mai gently. She stirred slightly opening her eyes. She took in the situation. Why was her arm around Tom? Why was she in this position? She pulled away blushing openly. How had she got in such a position.  Straightening her clothes she glanced shyly at Tom. He wouldn’t meet her gaze. He too looked embarrassed.  

Mai looked around. She noticed that Sarah and Sinead’s bodies were entwined in what looked like quite a passionate embrace. They were both holding each other very closely and Sinead’s left hand appeared to be fondling Sarah’s breast. Tom raised his eyebrow at the sight of them. Mai didn’t quite know where to put herself. 

‘Sarah’ Mai said trying to wake them. They stirred slightly but only seemed to hug each other tighter. 

‘Reckon we should throw a bucket of water over them?’ Tom said, instantly regretting what he had said. 

‘Sarah’ Mai was more insistent now leaning over to touch Sarah’s shoulder. 

Sarah woke up from a really nice dream. She felt deliciously warm inside. Feeling the warm body beside her she sighed and clung tighter, trying to get back into the dream. Slowly however she realised that she outside. As she rose from slumber she realised that someone was squeezing her breast. She brushed the hand away and tried to pull herself upright. The body that clung to her only seemed to grasp tighter. Using a little more force she pushed it away. Sitting up she realised that it was Sinead. At least it wasn’t a boy, she thought. The shock of movement had woken Sinead. Unaware what she had been doing, she wondered why Sarah was looking at her in that way.  

‘What’s up?’ Sinead asked looking at all three of them, ‘I wasn’t snoring was I’ 

‘Nope, just getting a little friendly’ Sarah replied her arms firmly across her chest.  

Tom stifled a laugh. 

‘What’s up?’ Sinead said looking slightly worried now. She too had had this dream, it was a dream that she’d had for a few weeks now. It always started different, but always finished with Sinead and Sarah in various states of undress and clinches. She remembered now how in the dream she’d been fondling Sarah’s breasts. She looked across and saw the position of Sarah’s arms and blushed. Had she really been feeling them ? 

‘What happened last night ?’ Mai asked, trying to get the conversation around to normal. Tom again stifled a laugh. Mai shot him a glare that would have stopped an elephant in it’s paces. 

‘Well there was the fog and then I can’t remember what happened. I‘ve only just woken up. The last thing I remember was the feeling of being dragged along the ground. I felt light headed and then everything blanked out. Funny though I feel as though I’ve slept for hours’ Sarah remembered. She looked at her watch, The watch was showing 4 o’clock, about 15 minutes since they had left their bivvies.  

She shook her watch and listened to it. Why’ve I done that she thought, it was something she’d seen people in films do.  

 ‘Did you notice that the fog had a smell to it ?’ Tom replied  

‘Yes it wasn’t very pleasant, but I know I’ve smelt it before’  

‘Me too, but I can’t quite place it’  

There was a moments silence as they both tried to remember where they’d experienced that smell before.  

 ‘It’s still dark? Sinead questioned no one in particular.  

Mmm’ Mai said, thought we’d be out for hours but according to my watch, that’s only a few minutes.  

Sarah sat up and rubbed her eyes. She glanced at Tom and Mai sat together.  

‘When did this happen then?’ she teased,  

‘Nothing happened, we were all sat together and somehow we woke like this’ Tom said. He was embarrassed to find himself entwined with Mai, even though it felt nice to be close.  

The four of them looked around. It was still dark but their eyes were well adjusted now. They looked around them and then suddenly Mai realised what was strange.  

‘Have you looked, the bush we went behind isn’t there?’ she said, ‘I felt movement and I wonder if someone has moved us’  

‘I’m not sure’, Tom replied, ‘I felt movement as  well’ He looked around the other two quizzically. They both nodded their agreement. They’d all felt that sense of moving.   

Mai stood up and held her head.  

‘Wow it feels that I’ve been knocked out, my head’s all woozy’ she sat down again.  

‘That’s the smell’ Tom suddenly said, ‘I thought that smell was familiar, it was like that stuff they give you in hospitals to make you sleep’  

Sarah thought for a moment before she said what was at the back of everyone’s minds  

‘Have we been drugged ?’  

Silence fell between them as they wondered what had happened.   

‘Do you think we’ve been abducted by aliens’, Sinead said.   

They all laughed, although not with the same vigour as they might have done normally. Sinead was always watching programmes like the X-files and such like. She believed that aliens were all around. Normally most of them just put it down to her over active imagination, but from the looks of their faces they all wondered if Sinead had been right all along.   

‘Come on, let’s get back to the bivvies’, Tom said standing up.  

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