Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


27. The Truth sinks in

The four of them looked at the small boy before them. They watched as Mai went forward and held out her hand to shake his. An irrational thought went through Tom’s head. It was like two different races meeting each other for the first time. They watched in amusement as the boy, Will, called Mai Princess.   

‘Hi my name is Tom and these are Sinead and Sarah’ Tom said walking forward towards the boy.   

Will backtracked away from Tom, he still wasn’t sure of him. He looked at Mai as if to say, is it safe.  

‘It’s Ok Will’, Mai said ,’we won’t hurt you’  

She hesitated, ‘we’re strangers around here, and you might be able to help us’  

Will looked at the four and nodded first hesitantly and then a little more vigorously. They didn’t look like they were going to snatch him away  They had no weapons that he could see.  

‘If I can help you Princess, then I will.’ Will said looking up into Mai’s eyes. ‘You must have come a long way to get here’    

Mai laughed a little, ‘Well we’ve certainly come far but I do come from a land faraway over the seas’ She wondered what he would think if she knew that she had flown in a plane to get here.  

‘Are there many like you in your country’ Will asked curious  

‘Yes there are many of us’ Mai laughed.  

Will liked her laugh, it put him at ease. She was wonderful.   

‘Come and sit down with us’ said Tom, ‘we’ve many questions about your country to ask you.’ As Mai had said she came from a distant land, he thought it Mai be as well to go along with that story. He saw Will hesitate and look up at Mai as if to ask if it was Ok.  

Mai nodded and the five of them settled down on the grass.  

Tom looked across at Mai. He could see what Will had meant about her looking like a princess. She had that royal and  look about her.   

‘So Will’ Tom said,’ what is the area called’  

Will again looked at Mai before he answered.  

‘It’s OK Will, Tom is in charge and you can answer any questions he asks. I’ll be very grateful to do that’ Mai said.  

Will nodded and turned to face Tom ‘Well, sire, We are in the Forest of Boulderstone  

Tom, Sinead, Sarah and Mai all looked at each other. So this was the same area that they had camped in.   

‘And what year is it?’ Tom asked  

‘I don’t know Sire’  

‘Who’s the King at the moment’ Sarah asked. The boy might not know the year but he probably would be able to tell them who was the King.  

‘Why, it’s King John’ Will said.  

Sarah furrowed her brow thinking hard when King John was on the throne. Luckily there was only one King John, she was lucky that it wasn’t an Edward or a Henry. They’d been a few of them.  

‘So that’s some time at the beginning of the 13th century, I think,’ Sarah said.  

Sinead gave a little noise of anguish and buried her face into Sarah’s shoulder. She sobbed quietly at the realisation that they were now 800 years away from their own time. .  

‘So Will,’ Sarah said, the laughter in her voice still evident, ‘ Is there a place called Stockby around here ?’  

Will thought for a minute before answering. ‘I know of no place of that name. There is Boulderstone, where the Earl lives. It’s over there’ he said pointing down the track.  

‘Do you know anymore places around here Will’ Sarah asked.  

‘There’s Bradfeld where the Duke lives in his castle and there’s Sandel. My dad went there with the Earl once’ he said proudly.  

Tom looked at Sarah. He knew that she knew a lot about the local history.  

‘Well it seems that we’re definitely in the 13th century.’ Sarah said to the others.  

‘How are we going to get back home?’ Sinead asked. Her eyes were red from the tears. She looked at each of them in turn.  

‘Mai shook her head, Sarah shrugged her shoulders and Tom looked down helplessly and said, ‘We’ll find a way’  

Sinead once again pulled out her phone and looked at the words ‘No signal’ and dropped it down before once again burying her head in Sarah’s arm. This time Sarah pulled her arm away and pulled her closer to her body gently stroking her hair to comfort her.  

Silence fell between them. Will looked at their faces, they looked really unhappy. He worried that what he had told them had something to do with it. He thought quickly how he could put it right.  

Will moved closer to Sinead’s phone. He wanted to see what it was. He looked across and saw some writing on the face. Then all of a sudden the writing had gone. It startled him and he scuttled back to where he had been. He didn’t like the look of it. It looked magical.  

‘Princess,’ he suddenly said, ‘would you like to come to our home. My father looks after the Earl’s animals in the wood and he’ll be able to help you. He’s travelled before and he’ll be able to get you back home.’  

Mai looked at the sweet, innocent face before her and smiled down at Will  

‘I doubt he will be able to do that, Will’ she said softly.  

‘Come back, Princess, my dad will help you, he’s an important man around here, please.’  

Will really wanted to show off these strangers to his dad. They also might save him from a telling off, if his dad thought he’d been helping visiting royalty.  

Mai looked down at Will. ‘Where do you live ?’  

‘I live in the woods, Princess, we have a home near where I first saw you. I was checking my traps when i saw you.’ He stopped and thought, he’d forgotten about the Duke’s men riding towards the clearing. He hoped they had gone by now.  

Mai looked at Tom and then Sarah ‘Well it can’t do no harm can it?’  

Tom and Sarah shook their heads in agreement.  

Will smiled and stood up.  

This way princess he said as he started to disappear quickly down the track.  

‘Just wait a minute’ Mai said, ‘we’re coming’  

Will stopped and waited for them to stand up. When he saw they were all up, he turned and started again to walk down the track towards Boulderstone.   

‘Wait up Will, we’re not as fast as you.’ Mai said.  

Will looked back at his Princess. He was in a rush, not only was he starving but he wanted to show his Princess off to his father. He slowed down and carried along the path towards Boulderstone. He’d have to take them the long way round. He didn’t fancy going through the clearing he’d seen the Dukes men heading towards.  

They continued walking for about 5 minutes. Tom was starting to recover from the shock of the last few hours and noticed the woodland looked much more alive than it did in the 21st century. Birds and small animals could be seen making their way through the dense undergrowth. He started to think where they were going. He’d began to get back his bearings. He reckoned that in his time the path they were travelling along led to the high point on the ridge. In the 21st century that point was marked with a white triangulation point. From there the path went down following the ridge all the way down to Boulderstone. Tom knew there was an old drover’s road that led from the centre of Boulderstone to the tops.  

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