Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


17. The Phone Part 2

‘Oh come on Paul I didn’t mean to, will you lay off. Anyway I’m going to find a tree and help it grow a bit.’ Terry said turning towards the trees. He looked ahead, it was very dark. ‘Paul, you coming as well ?’   

‘Can’t go on your own now can you? Ok I’m coming’ Paul replied following Terry into the woods.  

The two boys went off into the wood.  

Mai looked at Tom, ‘it almost looks like they’re the same phone though doesn’t it.’  

‘Yes, but they can’t possibly be the same, it’ll just be some coincidence’  

They sat listening to the fire and looking at the two phones.  

‘Argh’ Suddenly Sinead gave a shout. They all jumped a little.  

‘What’s up?’ Sarah asked her with a look of concern.  

‘My phones buzzing and it startled me’ she said  

Nearly made me ....’ Tom started to say but stopped when he realised who he was with ‘ well lets just say I nearly went to the loo right there.’  

They all laughed.  

Sinead looked at her phone. ‘It’s only my mum texting me to ask if we’re all OK, They’re off to bed now’  

Sinead pressed a few keys and then replaced her phone.  

‘Sorry Tom’ she said, you know what mothers are like’  

After all the trouble they had getting their parents to agree to this trip, it was only natural that they would be checking up on them.  

Sarah gazed towards the dark of the wood.  

‘It doesn’t half look spooky in there. They all turned to where she was looking and saw what she meant. The way the fire was flickering sent different shadow on the trees. It was almost as though the trees were moving around.   

Tom heard a crack of a twig and turned round quickly, ever alert. At first he couldn’t make anything out but slowly he saw two figures walking out of the wood. For a moment he couldn’t work out who it was. This night was starting to freak him out. As the figures got closer he realised that they were in fact Paul and Terry coming back from tree watering.  

‘Did we give you a fright’ Paul said with a smile on his face.   

‘No of course not, Tom said, ‘who else could it be coming out of the woods but you two.....’  

‘It could have been the two men that were killed right in these woods by Bill Creek’ Sarah said.  

Paul and Terry sat down and the entire group turned towards Sarah.   

‘Is this a story or is it for real?’Terry asked. 

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