Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


15. Sausages

‘What’s that?’ they all said jumping up at once. They all squinted as they tried to make out what was happening in the dark of the wood.  

Tom made a move towards the place the scream came from. Then he stopped dead in his tracks as he heard laughing.  

Sinead came out of the dark laughing, closely following Sarah and Mai.  

‘Got you all that time, didn’t I’ said Sinead. She couldn’t stop smiling at the look on all the three lads faces. They looked a picture. Tom was the first face to break.   

‘Nice one’, he said,’everything OK?’  

‘Yes thank you, the look on your faces was a picture, did you think something had happened to us?’ Sarah said linking arms with Tom as they walked back to the fire.  

Seeing the look on Terry’s face, Tom moved slightly away from Sarah and sat down at the fire. He knew that Terry fancied her. He also knew that Sarah fancied him. It was nice to have someone who liked you, even if it was someone younger. However he didn’t want to upset Terry. He knew what it was like to feel how Terry did. In the past Tom had fallen for a girl, a girl who was unobtainable. She’d brushed him aside not really knowing that he existed. Tom had soon got over her though when he’d met Helen, but that hadn’t lasted long. Although he was only three years older than Terry and Paul, he knew the pain only too well.  

‘Sausages are done’ Tom said sitting down. He lifted the pan off the fire and started, using tongs, to place the sausages in bread and hand them round to each scout. Mai, without being asked, made hot chocolate drinks for them all with the now boiling water.  

They all sat around looking at the fire flickering away in the night as they munched their way through the sandwiches. Each lost in thought about various things. Mai was sat next to Tom Sarah and Sinead were quite cosily sat together and one side of the fire whilst Paul and Terry were sat at the other.  

The silence as usual was broken by Terry.  

‘Anymore left to eat ?’ he piped up, his mouth still containing the last of his sandwich.  

‘None cooked, but I’ve got plenty to spare if you want to cook some more’, Tom said looking at the pan and passing Terry another packet of sausages.  

‘Anyone else want one ?’ Terry asked  

They all declined which from the look on Terry face had made him very pleased.  

‘What we doing tomorrow Tom’, asked Mai gazing at him through the flames. Tom’s face seemed to be shimmering side to side. It was disconcerting at first until she realised that it was the way the light was passing through the fire.  

‘ Well, breakfast first’ Tom said as Terry smiled up from his pan, ‘ then we’ll do a bit of exploring. Sometime during the day we’ll bring down the old tree over there.’   

Tom indicated towards a wizened old tree on the opposite side of the stream.   

that should keep us in firewood for a long time’, Paul said.  

‘Well the farmer has said we can use this area regularly, if we do a bit of work here’ Tom said, ‘what we need to do is build up some wood piles.  

‘There’s loads of wood here anyway, it doesn’t look like anyone’s been here for years.’ Sarah commented.  

Yes, they all realised that there was lots of timber. Apart from animal tracks it looked like the site hadn’t had anyone walk through for a very long time. The main path to the trig point was about half a mile away. Although it had been a struggle to get through a bit of the wood, it looked like they were the first to get to this site in years.  

‘There used to be an old farm at the head of the ravine that way,’ Sarah said. Sarah was very into local history and would often know more about the area than anyone else. She loved finding out about the past. ‘It’s not been lived in for about 100 years, but there’s been a farm on that site for nearly a 1,000 years’. 

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