Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


8. Lunchtime

All through school on Friday, Terry and Paul were distracted. They kept looking at the clock on the classroom walls waiting anxiously for the minutes to tick away. Lunchtime took an age to come.   

‘This day’s really dragging’ Paul said to Terry as they queued in the dining hall for some food. It was always busy here on Friday, as it was the only day that they served chips. Usually after about 10 minutes the queue had gone and you could easily get your lunch.   

‘Can your mum take us up tonight ?’ Terry asked. His mum and dad were very busy working.   

‘Yes, booked her, think she’s glad to get rid of me for a weekend, she’s even packed my bag’  

‘Hope the weather holds’ said Paul, ‘I’ll check my phone’  

Paul had the latest iphone. His mother always bought him the best. Terry had to do with a cheap phone. In spite of his parents working all the hours they did, there was never much money left at the end of the month.  

‘Watch it, old Hitler is looking this way’ Paul said. Indeed across the hall they saw the headteacher Mr German walking towards them.   

put that phone away now’ German said. Paul looked up to see that he wasn’t talking to him but to the gaggle of girls behind him.  

The boys collected their food and went over to the far corner of the dining hall to eat their dinner.  

‘That was a close one, though Hitler was going to get you then’ Terry said.  

‘Yes, he was so close, just managed to get it away in time’ Paul said between mouthfuls of food. ‘My mum says if she has to come to school once more to pick up my phone then I can’t have the new model when it comes out next month.   

‘But you’ve only had that phone for a year’ Terry enviously stated.  

yea but the new one is so, so much better. Look what I downloaded last night’  

Terry looked at Pauls screen as he held it under the table to show him. On the screen was a map of the local area and a red dot. Once again Terry felt jealous of Paul. Paul seemed to have it all, all the latest gadgets, a huge TV in his bedroom with the latest consoles attached to it. Whilst Terry’s family hardly managed a holiday at Filey, Paul and his family went all over the world. This summer they were due to go Thailand.   

‘It’s a GPS that uses the OS maps, so it’s really good to use on the moors. All the maps are stored on the phone so I can even use it without a signal. Remember when we got lost on the Hardman Peg last year and couldn’t get a signal? If I’d had this last time we’d have been able to find our way back.  

Terry laughed. The Hardman Peg was an incident hike where they had to get to points and complete tasks. Last year their patrol had got hopelessly lost and they’d had to have the Police out looking for them. At the time it hadn’t been much fun. Bob had nearly blown a blood vessel with rage. Looking back though it was funny to think of everyone was looking for them.  

Shouldn’t need it though tomorrow, Tom will be able to find his way around’ Terry said, then noticing the dejected look on Paul’s face he added’ but its great to have, just in case we get lost’  

Paul smiled and put the phone in his pocket.   

‘You finished your dinner ?’ he asked Terry, ‘Slow coach today aren’t you.  

‘Nearly done, wonder what we’ll get for supper ?’  

Knowing Tom, it’ll be sausages to cook over the fire, he won’t do hot dogs again. Remember the look on Sarah’s face when she saw them in the pan ?’  

‘What look on my face ?’   

Terry and Paul span around to see Sarah stood there.   

‘How long you been there’ Terry asked.   

‘Just come, Sinead wanted some chips for dinner, so she’s in the queue. She won’t like them though, they’re not like maccydees ‘  

Sinead only ever liked chips if they were thin cut and crisp like you get at MacDonalds.  

‘All set for tonight’ Terry started to ask.  

‘Yep my mum is taking Sinead, Mai and me up to the woods, I’ve packed my marshmallows for the campfire tonight’  

‘So there’s only six of us going including Tom ?’ Terry said  

‘Yes, should be good though, a bit better than having some of the younger ones running around sticking sticks into the fire’ Paul said  

just like you, you mean’ Terry said prodding Paul ‘you’re just a big cub at heart aren’t you?’  

Paul blushed ‘Ah but I know what I’m doing, anyway here comes Sinead, why don’t you ask her out now ?’  

‘Still like her don’t you’ Sarah said, ‘she’s only got eyes for Tom, you’ve no chance’  

It was time for Terry to blush now.  

‘Come on Paul, lets go outside and have a kick around’  

The boys stood up to leave.  

‘Bye then, Oh Paul, did you want to ask Sinead something’  

Paul virtually ran from the room. This is getting silly he thought, why didn’t he just ask her.  

Later’ Paul shouted. Yes he decided it would be later. A weekend to ask her, he smiled at the prospect.  

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