Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


19. In the Middle of the Night



Tom stirred in his bivvy. He squinted up towards the source of the voice. 

‘Tom, are you awake’ he heard Sarah say. 

‘I am now he said pulling himself up into a seated position. He rubbed his eyes. Looking out he could see three crouched figures between him and the fire. 

‘What’s up ?’Tom said 

‘We want to go to the loo’ Sarah said 

‘We’ll sort something out in the morning, but until then you’ll have to find some shrubs to hide behind.’ Tom said 

Yes we know that but we’re all a little afraid to go into the woods on our own, so can you come and keep guard?’Sarah asked 

Tom shrugged his shoulders, ‘I guess so, what time is it? 

About 3.30’ said Sarah. 

Tom got out of his bivvy and slung his bag over his shoulder. He followed the girls towards the wood. He glanced over at the lads bivvy and saw that Paul and Terry hadn’t stirred from their sleep. The things you do for scouts he thought.  He wandered after the girls for about 100 yards into the wood, his hands inside his iScout hoodie. He noticed that the weather was changing. A dense, thick fog was rolling in at ground level from the east.  

‘Here’s where we’ll go, Tom’ Sinead said. Tom stopped and turned his back on the shrub that the girls went behind.  

The fog appeared to be weird. Tom hadn’t seen anything like it. Usually fog came in patches, This fog however was more akin to a thick white liquid that flowed over the bared roots of trees. As it got closer to where Tom was stood it started to get deeper. It was rising as it approached him. 

Tom looked as far as he could into the fog and saw that it was getting deeper. There was something about it that sent shivers down his back. Tom zipped his hoodie up as far as he could. The fog had reached his feet now and was swirling around him. It crept up his legs towards his knees.  

He looked around him 

Errrrr, girls’, he said cautiously. There was no reply. The fog was getting deeper and thicker with every second. He couldn’t really see his feet clearly. He wiggled his toes to make sure that his feet were actually there. Reassuringly they were. 

‘Girls, where are you’ he said a little louder. There was no sound, this was freaking him out, not much did that. His mind was playing tricks with him.  

Aghhhhhh’, he yelled as he felt something touch his shoulder. Tom jumped, his heart raced as he spun around. Fear hit him and he could suddenly felt cold. 

‘A bit creepy this fog isn’t it Tom’ Sarah said smiling up at him, ‘didn’t make you jump did I ?’ 

Tom glanced that Sinead and Mai were with her. 

‘You OK ?’ 

Mai and Sinead nodded. 

‘What is it with this fog it’s getting thicker’ Mai said 

‘Never seen anything like this before. It’s like it’s alive’ Sarah said reaching down and attempting to scoop the fog towards her. 

The fog was now at chest height as they stood and looked at the way it was engulfing all around them. It swirled around. 

‘Better keep together now’ Tom said. He was having difficulty seeing the trees now. 

They all instinctively linked arms and stood closer to each other. Tom examined their faces in the few minutes left before they were smothered by the fog. Sarah and Sinead faces were contorted with fear. Sarah looked worried but more curious. The fog was now covering them entirely. It was so thick that they could only just make out the others outlines even though they were stood right next to each other. 

Sinead screamed and clutched hold of Tom even tighter. 

‘What’s up’ Tom said trying make his voice sound ordinary. He knew that he had to keep calm otherwise he’d probably freak them out even more. It was difficult as this fog was like no other that he had ever experienced. He also noticed a strange odour to the fog. He couldn’t place why the smell was so familiar. It wasn’t perfumed but an acrid almost offensive smell.  

‘I don’t like this’ Sinead said. 

‘Don’t panic’ Mai said, ‘Shut your eyes’ 

Tom started to feel a little light headed. It’s probably being disoriented by not being able to see clearly he thought rationally. 

‘I think we’re better sitting down’ Tom said, ‘keep contact with each other and we’ll be fine. We’ll move when the fog clears. 

Awkwardly they managed to sit on the ground. Luckily the ground below them was grassy and not too uncomfortable. Sinead clung on to Tom almost snuggling up to him in an effort to drive away the fear of the fog. Sarah linked arms with both Tom and Mai.  The fog was getting so thick that Tom could barely see Sinead who was sat next to him.

‘I’m feeling a little drowsy’, Sarah whispered as though she was half asleep. The others were experiencing that same feeling. It was as though they were falling asleep. They shook themselves to try to stay awake. As they all succumbed to the feeling Tom sensed that he was moving. It was as though he was being dragged backwards, a strange disorienting feeling that was unpleasant. Then he lost consciousness. 

The fog continued to envelope them getting thicker and denser as it swirled through the wood. As it came to the campsite it swirled over the sleeping pair of Terry and Paul. Within minutes the fog laid like a blanket over the whole of the wood.

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