Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


2. Getting Ready - enter Sinead

"Thanks, Mrs Kamal, I'll pick Mai up on my way. I know she'll enjoy it, and don't worry I'll look after Mai", Sarah spoke into the phone, "see you in a couple of hours" 

‘That’s sorted Mai out’ Sarah said placing her phone face upwards on her desk. She moved it slightly to the right so it was in the exact position she wanted it. A touch of OCD she thought. 

Satisfied it was in the right place; Sarah turned around in her chair and looked towards her bed. Sprawled out across it was Sinead. Sinead was Sarah’s oldest friend, they’d been friends since the first day at infant school and nothing could keep them apart. It was surprising really as they were totally different. Whilst Sarah was an outgoing personality, Sinead tended to be deeply brooding. Sarah was in to sport, but Sinead could take it or leave it. It didn’t stop Sinead from cheering on from the sidelines, whilst Sarah played whatever sport was in season. Sinead was an intense person. When she got hooked on something, she was well and truly hooked. Inseparable at school, they formed a formidable team, supporting each other to such an extent that bullies gave them a wide berth. 

‘Well that’s sorted Mai out, she’s coming to scouts with us tonight,’ Sarah stated 

Erwhat ?’ Sinead replied looking at Sarah looking confused.  

Typical thought Sarah, there she was engrossed in some anime on her phone, oblivious to what was happening.  

‘Pay attention dumbo’ Sarah said jokingly, ‘Mai’s coming to scouts tonight, we’ll pick her up on our way down.’ 

‘Oh’, Sinead said, turning her eyes back to the telephone screen. Deep down Sinead resented the fact that Mai was now part of their friendship. She liked Mai well enough, but missed the one to one that Sarah had her shared. Three was never a very good idea in any relationship, one always seemed to be left out. Now Mai was going to be coming into scouts.  Scouts was their special activity. She was also a little envious about introducing Mai into it. Both Sarah and herself fancied Tom, one of the young leaders, although neither would admit to it. Sinead knew Tom was attracted towards Mai. The long sessions spend over the chess board at lunchtime provided ample evidence for that. 

'Ah well, time I get changed I suppose, if we're to get there in time.' Sarah said sitting on the edge of the bed and removing her school top. Sinead glanced up uncomfortably at Sarah's back. Her skin was toned and brown, remnants of a foreign holiday. The bra strap almost glaring in it's whiteness against the tan. Sinead gulped slightly, her body tightening. She was getting these thoughts again about Sarah again. She watched with baited breath as Sarah stood up and removed her skirt, standing there in just her underwear. Turning towards Sinead, her figure perfectly silhouetted in the light from the window she looked inquisitively at Sinead. She placed her hands on her hips. 

'If I didn't know you better, I'd think you were lusting after my gorgeous bod' Sarah jokingly mocked before disappearing into the en-suite. Sinead lay on the bed, open mouthed. She'd better watch herself in future. She didn't quite know why she was having these thoughts. She'd known Sarah for long enough, they were like sisters, but recently these thought about her and Sarah had been surfacing in her head. It was tearing her apart. She lay at wake thinking about her some nights, dreaming about the two of them. They'd start embracing and then slowly the clothes would fall off them and they'd be kissing and then..... 

'You ready?' Sarah said coming out in her uniform.  

'Mmm, yeah,' Sinead said pulling herself up from the bed.  

'Something up, you look all clammy?' 

'No, nothing, just hot in here' She'd have to watch herself in future.

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