Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


6. Decisions and Love

Mai sat in her bedroom that night brushing her hair. It was too late to contact her friend in Malaysia, so she just sat at the window and looked out onto the Stockby night. She was ready for bed, but her brain was still going full tilt. She still hadn't decided whether to ask her mother for permission to go camping, or to lie and go anyway. She had so much respect for her mum that she couldn't go and not tell her where she was going. She was however torn between doing the right thing and having a weekend away with friends. Well that was with Tom. She was fast falling in love with him, she knew this. 

Love is a wonderful thing. It can fill your whole body with warmth, fill your head with pleasant brain numbing thoughts. It lifts you up to the extent that you can achieve anything. Yet there is another side to love. A deeper darker side, a side that turned you numb with fear, filled your chest with lead making it difficult to breathe. Love is strange. Whilst you're in love, the moods can fluctuate between both sides in mid sentence. One moment you were soaring in the clouds, another plunging into the pits of despair. Mai was starting to experience both these sides of the rainbow of love. One moment she thought that Tom did like her, but the next she thought that he might like either Sarah or Sinead. She knew they both liked him as well, although Sinead hadn't been as keen about him recently. Mai wondered if there was someone else that she liked.  

She paused brushing her hair, her eyes fell to the phone on her lap. She put the brush down and picked up the phone. She browsed through the pictures, until finding the one she wanted. It was one she'd took of Tom, Sinead and Sarah. Tom had his arms around both but was looking straight at the camera, straight into Mai. She remembered the thrill she had taking this. The way he looked at her. That was one of those moments when she felt 10 feet high. She smiled at the memory still fresh in her mind. The next picture however sent her plunging into the depths of despair. it was a picture of Sinead and Tom. Sinead was pushing her body into Tom. Tom was looking like he was enjoying the experience, his eyes drawn out on stalked as he looked at her, what was a politer term Mai thought, ah yes, ample bosom. Mai looked down at her body. She didn't have the curves that Sinead had. Even if she did, she'd have kept them well covered up. She couldn't understand this western obsession with the exposure of their bodies. Everywhere you looked they were hanging out. Even Sinead, who was only 13, showed more than Mai thought she should. She knew that western culture over sexualised young people, but she thought it was getting beyond a joke with some girls. She noticed a few her age at school wore the most blatantly sexual clothes around town. Clothes that left nothing to the imagination, clothes that hugged the body exposing parts that shouldn't be exposed. It gave boys the wrong impression, or maybe these girls wanted it that way. Mai thought that girls shuldn't be exposing themselves at such a tender age. 

She picked up the brush again and started once again to pull the brush though her hair. She loved to get her hair all nicely shining. She loved the natural sheen her hair had. She didn't need to worry about straightening her hair like others. 

She came to a decision. She couldn't lie to her mum, but she could bend the truth a little. What if she asked to go with the girls but didn't tell them that there were boys going ? It was naughty of her but, maybe, just maybe it'd get her on the camp. She bit her lip, she didn't like to do this. She looked at the photo of Tom and Sinead. Her resolve came back, she wasn't going to let them have the weekend together. She pulled herself up and started towards the door. 

'Mum' she called out.

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