Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


11. At the Top of the Hill

It was about 5.30pm when Tom’s dad dropped him and all the gear at the top of Long Lane. From up here you got a great view of the valley. To the North Stockby was in the bottom with it’s steel works. In the far distance he could make out the power stations at Selby and Ferrybridge. To the south was a footpath leading to the trig point above Boulderstone, a small village. Bordering this was the woods where they were going to spend the next two nights.   Looking West were the moors leading to the Pennines. One day he’d walk the Pennine Way, yes he decided he’d do it next summer and maybe take some of the explorers with him. He was deep in thought when a sleek 4x4 pulled into the layby.  

‘Hi Tom’ Paul and Terry shouting almost in unison as they disembarked from the vehicle.   

‘Hi Paul, Hi Terry’ Tom replied  

‘Don’t forget to phone me when you want to come home’ Paul’s mum called out of the window as she slung the 4x4 into reverse and swung backwards. Slipping the vehicle into first she roared off down the road leaving a cloud of dust in her trail.  

‘She’ll kill herself driving like that,’ Paul said watching her go, ‘always in a rush’  

Paul looked back at the other two who were standing looking in the direction of the woods. Tom was pointing at something and as he walked towards them he could pick up what was being said.  

‘...think we’ll go down by the stream about half a mile along that path. Then we can use the stream to get water to wash in’.  

‘What about the bog’ Paul asked joining them.   

‘We’ll work something out but it’ll have to be downstream of where we going. Don’t want to be washing up in your piss’ Tom said.  

They all laughed and stood around talking about the view. It was a really nice spot. It was right on the edge of the Peak District National Park and although less than 10 miles from Sheffield city centre was a virtual wilderness.   

They were watching as a blue estate car came slowly up the long hill.   

‘Looks like the others coming up now’ Tom said pointing in the direction of the car ’that’s Sarah’s mothers car.  

The car pulled into the lay-by and the three girls got out. Sarah’s mum got out and looked over at Tom.  

‘Hope these three don’t cause you too much trouble Tom, they’re as high as kites’ She said  

‘No, they’ll be fine’, Tom replied as she got back into the car.   

They watched as the car went down the hill at a more sensible speed.   

‘Wish my mum drove that way’ Paul said wistfully.  

Let’s get going then’ Tom said, ‘pick up some of these bags and stuff. We’ve got a lot to do before we can settle down. 

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