Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


10. At Sarah's

'Listen Mai, if you're unsure of anything this weekend, I want you to ring me.' Mai's mum said as they stood on Sarahs' doorstep. 

'Yes Mum, I will' Mai replied. She was getting a little tired now about this whole thing. She knew her mum meant well, but this was getting ridiculous. Luckily the door opened almost immediately and Sarah's mum greeted them. She quickly pulled Mai's mum to the side and sent Mai upstairs to Sarah's room. 

Mai heard Sarah's mum talking to her mum, trying to reassure her about the coming weekend as she ascended the stairs. 

Mai knocked on Sarah's door. The door swung open and there was Sinead smiling at her. 

'Oh you've come have you?' Sinead asked. 

Mai always picked up that Sinead didn't quite like her. She seemed OK with her when she was alone, but when Sarah was around it was as though she felt totally resentful about her butting in. At first she'd wondered if Sinead was a little racist. However she never exhibited or proffered views which backed this up. 

'Sarah's in the shower' she'll be out soon,' Sinead stated looking wistfully at the closed door. Sinead sank back down into her usual place on Sarah's bed. Not wishing to intrude on her space, Mai made her way towards the chair by the desk. Sitting down she turned to face Sinead. Sinead had her head buried in a Manga book. Mai looked out of the large window towards the moors. Sarah was really lucky to live in such a large house on the edge of the country. When she'd once mentioned this to Sarah, she got a shrug. It's hellish when the wind blows and the snow falls was the reply that Sinead got from her. Today the sun was out though and she saw the birds swooping down catching flies in the filed next door to the house. How idyllic. 

The door opened and in walked Sarah. Mai turned towards her but instantly looked back at the window embarrassed. Sarah was stood at the door wearing only her bra and pants drying her hair with a towel. Glancing across to the bed she saw that Sinead was now starring at Sarah with a slightly open mouth. Weird thought Mai, why would you stare at your friend when she's nearly naked? 

'Oops, sorry didn't know you were there Mai' Sarah said pulling a dressing gown around her slim body, at least you don't stare, like Sinead here' Sarah playfully threw the towel across the room so that it covered Sinead's head, before disappearing once again into the bathroom closing the door behind her. 

Sinead slowly removed the towel from her head and glancing at first the door, and then Mai, once again buried her head into the book. Mai could see that she was blushing, embarrassed by the last little incident. Mai opened her mouth to talk to her and then decided that this wasn't the time. 

A few minutes later the door opened again and out came Sarah, now fully dressed.  

'Well are we ready girls ?' she asked, 'Our weekend in the woods beckons' 

With that she bounded across the room and through the door. Mai and Sinead looked at each other and then quickly followed her down the stairs.

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