Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


5. A History Lesson

'Well how was that Mai' Sarah's mum said as she collected in the plates from the table.  

'Very nice' Mai replied.  

In truth it was just a standard curry, like most she'd been served up since her arrival in England. Whilst it was ok, it didn't have the flavours like her mother made. Most English people made curries using powder or jars. You only got the true flavours from fresh ingredients. Whenever she went to other people's houses they gave her curry. She thought it was nice that they wanted to make her feel at home, but sometimes she just craved the western food she'd heard so much about.  

Sarah's mum placed a bowl of ice cream down in front of the girls and another in front of her husband. 

'What are you doing tonight at the History society?' she asked her husband 

'Ah, well today we're having a talk by Professor Juniper, she's discovered some new facts about Boulderstones castle. It's quite interesting really.' he said in between mouthfuls of ice cream. 

'Would you girls like to go?' he asked expectantly.

The look on Sinead's face was a picture. For sure the last thing on her mind was to go to some history event. She was looking forward to sitting on Sarah's bed and watching TV with her, although they wouldn't be alone tonight as Mai was there. 

Mai looked at Sarah. She knew that Sarah was really interested in the history of her town. She also knew that usually she went along with her father and could see that she ws torn between a girly night in and a night of History. 

'That could be good' Mai said, 'I'd like to hear more' 

Sarah flashed Mai a look of thanks. She was pleased she'd get to go tonight. It did sound very interesting. 

'Oh well, that's wonderful'. Sarah's dad said 'I'll get myself ready and we'll be off' 

Ten minutes later the girls followed Sarah's dad down the hill towards the community centre in the centre of Stockby 

'Gee thanks for taking me to geek central' Sinead said. 

'Ah come on, you used to love to come with me here last year.' Sarah said 

Sinead looked embarrassed. Yes she'd loved to come along with Sarah. She'd go anywhere with her, it was just that lately she'd wanted to spend more time alone with her. 

In the hall they were introduced to Professor Juniper. She was an old woman, quite stout, She wore a tweed two piece suit, carried an umbrella. She looked every bit the mad professor. She however had a sharp mind and was eager to pass on her knowledge, especially to the younger members. 

They found seats and sat down near the front to listen to the Professor talk. 

During the course of the evening they found out about new papers that had been discovered recently in the archives at York Castle. 

In the 15th century, Stockby didn't exist. It was founded in the industrial revolution. However the adjorning town of Bouldertsones had been around since the 11th century. It was rumoured that a castle had been built there,. Indeed records pointed to this being inhabited by the Wakefield family. However there was no concrete evidence about where it had been, or how big it was. 

In the 13th century Lord Wakefield of Bouderstone was in dispute with another lord from Worksop. Both of them were wanting to set up a new monastery in their respective towns and both were after installing a shrine in the monastery to attract pilgrims and money to the towns. Lord Wakefield had managed to get hold of the bones of Saint William from a monastery in France. He sent a party of his most trusted men to pick up the casket and bring it back to England. There it would remain in the castle until the monastery could be built. 

However when it was days away from arriving the men and the casket just vanished. The men's bodies were later found mutilated in the woods above Boulderstone. At about this time 4 strangers had arrived in the area. According to the documents they were young people, whose clothes indicated that they had travelled from a long way off. One of the party had an eastern look. They'd stayed at the castle for a few days befriending the Lords daughter before disappearing again. When they left there were rumours that the strangers had somehow been involved in the theft of the relics. Fruitless searches had followed to no avail. As the relics hadn't been uncovered, the Lord had dropped his plan to build the monastery.  

At the end of the evening Sarah was excited about what she'd heard. 

'I know it's not much in the scheme of it but it's nice to know a little more about this area' Sarah said 

Sarah would have loved to have lived in medieval times. The long flowing dresses would have suited her body.  She'd have loved to live in a castle and have servants. When they were younger her and Sinead often used to play and imagine they were living in medieval times. Sinead would be a knight in shining armor whilst Sarah would be a lady whom had to be forever being rescued from dragons

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