My Prince Charming

I was just walking to my friend Anna's house.When someone grabbed me.They put a clothe over my face but I can still see their faces.Four of them.Four British Accents.One Irish one.The Irish one was the most beautiful.Deep blue eyes like I've ever seen.Trying to save me.From them.One Direction.

Warning*One Direction Kidnapping story


4. Wh o should I trust?

Harry's POV:

Karlie was asleep on my shoulder. I got up and went to the bathroom.I looked in the mirror.I couldn't stop thinking about those blue eyes.Her blue eyes.But,I couldn't like her in that way.She was Niall's I guess I should just keep it to myself.I felt Karlie's arms wrap around my stomach,putting her forehead on my back.I smiled at how lucky I was to have her.Even though she was about 5 years younger than me,she was amazing in bed."Hey baby." I muttered.She kissed my back in reply.She loosened her arms and walked back to the bed.I took one more look in the mirror.Those beautiful,beautiful eyes.

Niall's POV:

I heard her cry all night.I had to soothe her multiple times,rubbing her back and humming in her ear.She would scream in the night .I knew she was terrified.I had to make her feel safe.I need for her to know I'll protect her.She started to stir and I smiled when she opened her blue eyes. "Good morning Princess." I whispered to her. She smiled and snuggled back in to the crook of my neck. "Listen I want to take you out on a date,because we kinda got off on the wrong foot." I said. "What time?" she said in her morning voice making my stomach have butterflys. "Around six,because I'm working until 5." I said hoping that she accepts. "Ok" She said. I stood up and walked to the bathroom.I took a shower and dressed.It was 11 AM. We have work at 11:30.Hopefully the boys are ready.When I walked out of the bathroom.She was sitting up in bed.Crying. I walked over to her. "Why are you crying princess?" I asked her while rubbing my thumb over tears,kissing her face.She just looked down.I put one hand around her waist,protecting her from all the harsh things in the world.The other I lifted her chin with.I stared into her eyes."What's wrong,Madolyn?" I asked her,her beautiful name rolling off my tongue."I just don't understand." she said in between sniffles.I rested my forehead against hers."Understand what?" I whispered.She bit her lip and looked into my eyes,searching for the answer. "Why me? Why not somebody prettier,skinnier,older?I was a virgin when I came here.I know I'm not good in bed.So why me?" She asked me. I just looked at her.I leaned in and kissed her warm lips softly. "Because,Madolyn,You are different than other girls.I will always protect you,because you are my princess and no one could take the place of that." I said kissing her again. "I'll see you later,princess." I said before leaving the room. "Oh and wear something sexy."I said turning around to face her one last time.I winked and she blushed.I took one last look at her and left.


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