My Prince Charming

I was just walking to my friend Anna's house.When someone grabbed me.They put a clothe over my face but I can still see their faces.Four of them.Four British Accents.One Irish one.The Irish one was the most beautiful.Deep blue eyes like I've ever seen.Trying to save me.From them.One Direction.

Warning*One Direction Kidnapping story


2. My new life

Madolyn' POV:

I woke up in a big bed.Beside me was a gorgeous boy with a v-line and a six pack.I screamed."What the hell!" he said."Who are you?!" I screamed. "I'm Niall" he said in a Irish accent."What am I doing here?" I screamed.I jumped up and ran out the door to find a huge mansion.I ran fast down the stairs until I got to the door.I felt two strong arms snake around my waist. I squirmed trying to get out of his arms."where ya goin love?" a husky british accent asked me."The hell outta here!" I said trying to run but then turned around to a curly haired boy with green eyes and dimples."Hey Lou I think she's ready to be broken into.And I get her first!" He screamed,laughing."c'mon doll" He threw me over his shoulder and dragged me back upstairs but to a different room.I pounded on his back."hey babe don't squirm or I'm gonna have to bang you harder!" He threw me on the bed kissing my neck and kissing my sweet spot.I tingled.I was a virgin."Please ,no" I moaned. "I'm Harry by the way." he said in between kisses.He ripped my panties off and going inside me.I screamed in pain and he shushed me."'ll get better." And it did.Eventually.Blood was everywhere.He kissed me one last time and smiled.I screamed and he said "Zayn it's your turn!" "Yes! Man I haven't had a rookie in a long time." He came in.This beautiful tan boy."Hello love." he said. "Please don't hurt me}| I said crying."He just smirked."Get on your knees." he said.I did as I was told."Suck it" he said.It tasted terrible.When he left it was liam's turn.I was screaming for Niall and crying.I never wanted to go home so badly."c'mere love." he said. He made me sit on him entering me from behind.It hurt so bad.I screamed Bloody murder.He just shushed me and stroked my hair."You haven't even gotten to the worst part yet love." He said "Lou is next." He said.Then,Louis walked in."Hello" he said.He kissed me hard pushing me up against the wall.He kissed me all over giving me hickies.I screamed for Niall.And Louis told me to shut up.I did as I was told as he entered me first from in front,then from behind.Licking me all over.The pain turned to pleasure.He kissed my breast and left.I laid on the bed and cried.Cried myself to sleep.


Niall's POV:

Liam had to hold me back.I heard her screaming for me.I couldn't take it."What are you guys doing to her Liam?!!" I screamed through gritted teeth. "Breaking her in." He replied. "Sounds like you're hurting her!Look she is mine!I should be with her.She needs me!" I screamed."Please Liam." He sighed.And went to tell the other lads how I felt.I sat there playing me guitar.And thinking about those beautiful blue eyes screaming for me nedding me.She needed me.

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