My Prince Charming

I was just walking to my friend Anna's house.When someone grabbed me.They put a clothe over my face but I can still see their faces.Four of them.Four British Accents.One Irish one.The Irish one was the most beautiful.Deep blue eyes like I've ever seen.Trying to save me.From them.One Direction.

Warning*One Direction Kidnapping story


1. He Picked Me

Madolyn's POV:

I was just walking. Walking home ,in the rain, from Anna's house.All of the sudden they grabbed me.There was five of them.Four British Accents.One Irish accent.They put a clothe over my face so I couldn't see them.But,I did.And I remember,Because they were gorgeous.I blacked out after that.

Niall's POV:

"Be careful!" Zayn shouted,trying to get Harry and Lou to carry her carefully.The most beautiful girl I've ever seen.She had long dark hair,she was tan,and had bright blue eyes.I fell in  love instantly.But we aren't supposed to fall in love.We were supposed to use them.Our sex slaves.Treat them like animals.But not her.She was special.She was my princess.I just knew it


Lou's POV:

"Niall,come and help get her in the car,she is your slave!" I screamed at him.It was his 20th birthday.That meant his slave day.And he picked her.She was a good catch.But I could tell she was a virgin.She had a great body though.Curvy.That's how Niall likes em."Get her in the car before someone sees!" Liam shouted.I just rolled my eyes. "Well looks like our little Nialler is growin up!" I teased Niall.He just blushed. "Niall don't fall in love too fast we've got to break her in first." Harry said with a wink.Niall just nodded his head.But,I could see the pain in his eyes.He hated doing this.But we,absolutely loved it.



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