My Prince Charming

I was just walking to my friend Anna's house.When someone grabbed me.They put a clothe over my face but I can still see their faces.Four of them.Four British Accents.One Irish one.The Irish one was the most beautiful.Deep blue eyes like I've ever seen.Trying to save me.From them.One Direction.

Warning*One Direction Kidnapping story


3. A new friend

Madolyn's POV:

I woke up to a girl sitting beside me on the bed.She had long golden hair and dark brown eyes.She was rubbing my back,comforting me. "Hey" she said.Thank gawd she was American."I'm Karlie,Harry's slave.",she said."Slave?" I asked."Yea,you're Niall's girl" she replied smiling a beautiful crooked smile. "C'mon you can borrow some of my clothes." she said." Where's Niall?" I asked interrupting her."work" she said."He said to give you a tour of the house,take you shopping,and give you the low-down of the house." She saw my worried face and said "Don't worry it's really not that bad,I mean and Niall's a good guy and he really loves you.And  we all have to get broken in." "All?" I asked. " Yea, I did except not from Niall he's still a virgin but,hopefully you'll change that." "So let me take you on a tour.This is Lou's room where he and his slave Taylor sleep and do other stuff if you know what I mean.And over here is Mine and Harry's room,and this is Niall's room.""Liam and Zayn live in the house next door." "The rules are No Leaving,No saying No,Always listen to your master,And only the boys can boss you around.No leaving the house between the hours of 7  pm-3 am. Got it?" I nodded.I followed her to her closet and put on some jeans,brushed my hair and teeth,and wore a tank top.I put on some makeup.I walked downstairs to pancakes and bacon."You ready freddy?" Karlie asked swinging her keys.I nodded and we walked to her silver Mustang GT and drove to the mall.I got clothes from Hollister,American Eagle,Aeropostle,you name it I got it. Niall left me a his credit card."Ok girl well Niall's home and he wants to see you so c'mon!" she said. I followed her. We walked back inside the mansion and she immediately ran to Harry giving him a kiss.They all scared me except for Niall.Niall saw me and smiled."C'mon let's go upstairs and talk" he whispered.He took me to the bed and snuggled up with me,I cried in his arms,telling him everything they did to me."I'm so sorry." he said looking down.He looked back into my eyes and I could tell that he really cared about me. He leaned forward and kissed my lips softly."Lemme explain all of this" he said in his sexy Irish accent."You've probably heard that you're my slave and all that rap but you're not my slave.You're different.I actually have feelings for you.I will not let them hurt you again.You're my Princess."


Niall's POV:

She was so beautiful.And I know I had to protect her from them.She fell asleep in my arms.I think I actually, really,truly,deeply,madly love her.They wont get her she's my princess now.I kissed her head and I allowed myself to drift off to sleep with her in my arms.



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