Do You Remember At All? ➳ L.H.

Charlotte is very confused and afraid waking up to a person she doesn't remember at all. After Charlotte is in a serious car accident she goes into a coma for week but when she wakes up she can't remember the last year and something that is very important is her boyfriend Luke Hemmings. No matter what he does she just can't see to remember. Will he ever get her to remember? Will she ever remember? Will there love stand through this? Or will it vanish into thin air.
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10. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Charlotte's P.O.V.

I gradually pulled away from Calum as he starred at me waiting for an answer. I felt my stomach churning. The truth is I didn't know what I wanted. There also has to be more to this past year I don't know about with this whole Calum and Luke thing. And I know the only person I can get the truth from Ivy my sister. I know she knows my whole life story I mean how couldn't she I tell her everything. 

"Cal I think I should go home.. I need some time to think." I said starring at the ground. 

​"If that's what you need love." He said and kissed my forehead. 

I watched him walk away as I turned on my heels and walked to my apartment. I looked at my phone it was about 12:30 in the morning. Wow didn't realize how late it already was. I breathed in the semi cold air. This was relaxing. But before I knew it I was standing in front of the apartment door knocking because I realized I never brought my keys.

"Hey can I take you somewhere?" Luke asked as soon as he opened the door.

"It's 1 in the morning?" I asked with my eyebrow raised.

"I Know that's why it's perfect." He smiled.

"Sure." I slightly chuckled to myself.

As we entered Luke's car all I could smell was his cologne. I sat my forehead on the window watching everything that passed. I was pretty confused on where we were going until we ended up in the beach parking lot.

"Luke were not suppose to be here at this time?" I questioned.

"So what?" He chuckled and I got my wicked smile jumping out of the car.

"So why'd we come here?" I asked.

"This was the place I brought you after our first date about the same time too." He smiled.

*Flash back*

"Oh my this water is so cold Luke!" I screeched.

"So what let's make a bet?" He smiled.

"Hmm I don't trust your bets Hemming's but okay what is it?" I asked smiling.

"First person to get down to there undies and out to there chest length in water and back wins!" Luke said with wide eyes.

"Okay but what's the catch?" I asked.

"Winner gets a kiss from the loser." He smirked to himself not even realizing I was already just in my underwear and shirt.

"Hey no fair!" He said taking the rest of his clothes off as I got in ice cold water. I felt goose bumps as soon as the cool air hit my skin as I stood on the sand now.

"Look at that I beat Hemming's at his own bet." I said he entered the beach. "Now come on! Right here." I said pointing to my cheek.

"Actually I have something better planned." I looked at him confused but then he grabbed my face and kissed my lips ever so sweetly.

*End of Flashback*

"I remember that.." I breath.

​"You do?" Luke asked looking at me stunned.

"I do.." I didn't know how to feel that was by far the best flashback I've had yet.

I just felt so happy. I got my once more wicked grin and started stripping of my clothes and I looked at Luke as he was doing the same thing. He knew exactly what I was thinking. My combat boots and skinny jeans took me so long that by the time I got them off Luke was already in the water. I took of after him and got in chest deep in the water and ran back for the beach but Luke was already a few seconds ahead and reached the beach before me.

"Look at that looks like I won my own bet." He chuckled. "Now come on! Right here." He said mocking my words and pointing to his cheek.

But I took him by surprise and smashed my lips into his growing more and more hungry for his lips to be upon mine. I really missed kissing him.

​Wow I really missed something I couldn't remember.

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