Across all the Oceans

A romance novel which takes place in 1912 on the Titanic


2. The Ball

When I got home I went straight up into my room and changed dresses because tonight I was going to a ball tonight before pack tomorrow and board the ship the following day. I really wanted to go on it to get out I this hell hole with all these rich people around.  I walked down the long staircase to the long hallway. My father was already there looking at his golden watch tapping his foot.
 “Christine, hurry up darling. We are the guests of honor,” I dad yelled up the stairs.
“I’m coming David,” she said smiling while coming down the stairs holing her blue gown up to walk. She gave him a quick kiss before we left. We all got into the car and he headed to the ball. We picked up my parents friends with their son Josh Clarke. He was the deffiniton of sassy. Around adults he was the nicest person in the world but around me he ordered me around. My parents always made me hang out with him but I didn’t want to date him. Not yet, ever. He had short black hair with dark brown eyes with gorgeous dimples. Harry had them to and his were more cute than Josh’s. “How do you do Katie?” he said while kissing my hand. 
"Doing great," I sighed. I rested my elbow on the window edge and looked out the window. It was around 7 o clock but it was dark and all the street lights on. We stopped to let another car  go pass and I opened the window and I saw Harry  walking down the dark streets. This was my one time to say hi. I needed to be classy though.
"Hello Harry!” I yelled out the window and waving like I nerd. He looked up. “Hello again Katie!” He yelled and waving while we drove away. While he was doing that my mother pulled me in and shut the window. 
"Katie! That is not lady like!” She shouted whispered at me. 
“I’m sorry mother,” I said. When we got to the ball there were tons of 7 chair tables but my mother got me and Josh a table for two. I was upset. I didn’t want to be with Josh I wanted to be with Harry  and only Harry  I was frowning at the table.
 “I don’t want to be here ether,” Josh said.
“At least your not coming with us on the boat,” I sighed.
“Actually I am,” He said while putting butter on a crumpet. 
“Just be positive or nether of us will be able to,”
“Okay fine,” 
I smiled for the rest of the night. Even when I didn’t want to. Especially during the slow dance. I had to dance with Josh. He pushed me right up against him and we danced.
“You really can’t dance with your two left feet,” he whispered to me.
"Well at Least I have feet. You have these monster things below your ankles," 
"You rude little girl you. You don't call your man that!  I want you out now. Now!"
I happily left and went straight home. In the morning when I got up for breakfast my parents were ready to scold me. 
“Katie Lillian Thompson! You have ruined your reputation in this world barley before its started! We are very disappointed in you and we shouldn’t let you go on the boat tomorrow!” My mother yelled at me. Going on the boat is my dream! If I won’t be able to, my life will be ruined! It’s my only way out of this place! “Please mother! I will go out with Josh forever if you want me to! I really want to go on the boat!” I begged.
 “David, lets talk about her offer,” he said while bringing him to the side. They whispered for a while. 
"Okay you can,” she said. “Yes! Thank you!” 
“Wait,only if you will get married to Josh on the Titanic on April 14,” 
“What?! Get married?! I’m too young!” I protested. 
“Ether that or no Titanic,”
“Fine I’ll get married,” I sighed. 
The rest of the day my maid helped me pack. I tried to forget I was getting married because it saddened my mood. Once I finished I went down stairs and quietly got into the stagecoach in my yellow sundress to see Harry! I ran to the door and opened it. He was stacking newspapers. “Harry,” I called out. 
He turned around and his smile lit up the entire room. 
“Nice to see you here Miss Katie,” he said while kissing my hand. 
I blushed and smiled.
 “You look quite beautiful today as you do everyday Miss,”
“Thank you. Your very attractive as well,” I said. He smiled and chuckled. 
“Would you let me to get you anything Miss?” 
“No thank you. I just came here to see you,” 
“That’s quite nice, but I’m closing time now,” 
“Oh, well I’ll see you some other time,” I said while turning around. He touched my hand. 
“But I thought you were leaving tomorrow for America?”
“Oh yeah I am. I’m going to miss you,” 
“Don’t miss me. I’m only one guy compared to all the others in America lucky to have you,”
“Thank you,”
“You welcome Miss Katie,” 
I looked straight into his eyes. I should of kissed him, but I couldn’t. I ran back to car  so upset that I would never see Harry again. I could of stayed here but I need to go to America. A new life will be there, a fresh new start. I fell asleep with that attitude and I woke up on the big day.

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