Across all the Oceans

A romance novel which takes place in 1912 on the Titanic


6. He was right

Why the hell did I do that? What am I supposed to do? I have dinner in like an hour I can't leave here. 
There were stewards at the front door making sure I didn't leave, but I had my own ways. There was a back exit that I used and I was in the first class halls again. I saw a steward and quickly ran the other way. 
I quickly ran down the hall to a steward that wasn't mine. 
"Where is Harry Walker?" 
"Who? There is no Registration of Harry Walker,"
I ran away. 
Harry was the stowaway?  No no. I was walking down the halls and something grabbed me and pulled me into the closet. 
"Hey Katie," Harry said.
"Harry?! What are you Doing?"
"Shh! I'm hiding. Those guys want to kill me," 
After I said that we heard voices. 
"Shhh," he said. 
After they passes Harry and I kept talking.
"Can I borrow some money?" He asked me. 
"I need to eat, I haven't eaten in forever!" 
I didn't know the eating rules in the other classes so. 
"How much?"
"$ 20....."
"20 dollars?! What?"
"For the rest of the cruise,"
"Fine. Here," 
I handed him two tens and his face lit up.
"Thank you so much miss!" 
He kissed me on the cheek. 
I left the closet because it was dinner time. That night while I was getting ready for bed Josh was looking through the safe.
"Where's my twenty dollars?" 
"I took it," I said brushing my hair.
"What why?!" 
"Because I can!"
"Where is it?"
"I gave it to Harry, 
"The stowaway?! Why on earth would you do that!?" 
"He needed for food," 
"When you buy a ticket food is included! He lied to Katie! He's probably using the money for gambling,"
He lied to me, again?!
"What do I do?" 
"I need to send out more people to find that street rat," 
"Don't call him that, he's still a person!" 
I was pretty sure every single person on that ship was searching for Harry. 
The next day I didn't see Harry at all because we were prepping for the wedding. The dress, flowers, practicing in the church, everything. They still haven't found Harry yet. 
Finally April 14th, my wedding day. I was walking down the grand staircase do get dinner and I met Harry on the way down.
"Come with me!" 
He brought me to this secret room below.
"Harry I need to ask you questions,"
"Go ahead, I'll be completely honest. 
"Are you the stowaway?" 
"Yes," he sighed .
I gasped. 
"So you lied about being in third class?" 
"Yes," he sighed again. 
"You promised though?!" 
"I also lied about the 20 dollars for food," 
I gasped. I started to realize that everything Josh said was true. 
"He was right! He used the money for gambling! I can't believe you!" I said walking away. 
"No stay out of my life Harry!" 
I stormed upstairs to get my dinner and to get ready for the wedding. I still didn't want to marry Josh. My life still was terrible. The one I thought l loved betrayed me, and I have to get married to the last person I want to right now.
While I was getting my makeup done josh walked in.
"You were right," I said.
"About?" He asked.
"Harry , he just used the money for gambling,"
"I told you darling. Now just listen to me for the rest of your life and you'll be good," 
He left the room and I got dressed. It was a late night wedding. 
Finally it was time.
The doors opened, everyone stood up, and I stared to walk down the isle.  I really didn't want to get married but there was nothing I could do right now. During the ceremony I could hear yelling in the back ground, I thought nothing of it because who cares .
"Now I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," 
The words I've been dreading. 
I started to lean in for the kiss and the whole boat jerked. I feel onto Josh and the vibrations from the engines stopped. What was going on? I started hearing a bunch of yelling and panic.  

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