Across all the Oceans

A romance novel which takes place in 1912 on the Titanic


4. Finally

I woke up as early as I possibly could. I took a shower and made myself all pretty and silent left the stateroom. I headed toward the second class staterooms then finally to the third. I was so low on the ship I could literally feel every bump or movement. It made me a little ill but it was all for Harry.  I wasn’t supposed to be down here and I think every steward knew that. Well, except for one. At the beginning of the staterooms a steward was there. 
“Hi, excuse me do know where the stateroom of Harry Walker is?” I asked politely. He looked at his clipboard. 
"Hmm Harry Walker? Not registered. Sorry,” he said.
 “Oh… Thank You anyway,” I said. “My pleasure Miss,” he said while tipping his hat. I walked away confused. I don’t understand. He told me he was in third class. Perhaps he got bumped up to second class. Time was about 8:30 and I was almost late for breakfast. I quickly headed up the stairs to second class which luckily was more above water level. I found a steward again and asked. He wasn’t in second class ether. He wasn’t in first because I knew everyone in first class and he wasn’t there. I didn’t understand a thing. I headed up to breakfast confused still. I ate normally but after I was walking around the first class promenade and I saw Kyle walking towards me. 
"Harry?" I asked. 
"Katie!” He said. He ran towards me and gave me a big hug. 
“Harry  what class are you in?” I asked urgently. 
"Third? You know that,” he said.
“No actually. I walked down to the third class staterooms and asked the steward what room you were staying in and he said you weren’t registered on the boat,” 
" I got a ticket very late but I do have a room trust me," he said looking straight into my eyes. 
“Okay I believe you,” I smiled. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and hugged him again. 
"But wait. This is the first class promenade, you can’t be here,” I laughed. 
"We better run then” he said. We ran away laughing towards the reception room. Heading down those stairs we rested, but I saw my parents there. “Harry  my parents are here! We have to run!” I said. I grabbed his hand up the stairs.
 “Katie!” I heard my parents yell from down the stairs. I just laughed and we kept running. We ran towards the Swimming pools. 
"Finally. We lost them," I said out of breath. 
"Oops," Harry said pushing me in.
"Oh my God Harry!" I said grabbing his leg and pulling him in. 
We kept laughing once we realized we were both in the water. We climbed out and he grabbed me a towel. I looked up at him and he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Straight on the lips so passionately. While we were kissing the door slammed open. “KATIE!” My mother yelled. We looked up and I pushed him away pretending nothing happened.

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