Darcy's Dance Teacher

Rasing Darcy alone is tough for Harry,especially because of his busy schedule. He hasn't been out with a woman since before she was born.

Drew has a tough life. Leaving her parents at the age of 16. Living in an apartment,single. She works as a dance teacher. Things are rough with her family,but she's managing.


3. Chapter 3

*Drews POV*

Ashton and I walked around in the Mall Complex,Buying a few things. I decided I'd try a date with Harry. 

I didn't want to tell Ashton.

Maybe he knows Darcy from school.

"Ashton,do you know anyone named Darcy?" I ask as I carried him,he said his legs were tired. 

"I know Darcy. We don't have the same teacher though." He says.

i try to ignore the stares I get from other adults. I know I don't look like the typical mom. Purple hair,lip piercing,nose piercing,tattoos. But really? Do you have to stare?

"You wanna get some food?" I ask,and he nods. 

We go to a small restaraunt and sit in the very back. We're in a booth,but he still sits right next to me.

We flip through the small kids menu,trying to decide what he wants. 

"Miss Drew!" I hear a voice scream,and I know it has to be one of the kids from lessons. I look up to see Darcy running towards me. 

"Hey,little missy,does your Dad know you ran in here?" I ask,noticing Harry outside the restaurant. He seems to be looking for her,he looks a bit worried.

"Um...no." She says,then runs out to Harry. 

Moments later,she's back,but dragging Harry behind her. 

"Can we sit with you?" Darcy asks,and Harry looks a little embarrassed. 

"Yeah,we'd enjoy some company,wouldn't we?" I say,tickling Ashton's stomach a bit. 

They slide in across from us,Darcy talking away to Ashton. 

"You look a little young for a kid." Harry says,smiling as Darcy and Ashton play Tic-Tac-Toe on one of the kids menus. 

"Yeah...long story. You don't look that old either,though." I reply. 

"I'm only like 2 or 3 years older. And I was 19 when she happened." He says quietly.

"16." I whisper,avoiding all eye contact. 

I hear a cough,and look up to see a wide eyed Harry. 

"16?" He asks,looking me straight in the eye.

"You heard me. It's not that big of a deal." I reply as a waitress walks over. 

*End of meal*

Ashton and Darcy are both picking at their food,ready to leave. 

Harry and I have already finished. 

Harry insisted on paying for everything. 

"Well,we've had a nice time. I guess it's time for us to head home." I say,and Ashton nods.

"Would you maybe want to do this again for dinner tomorrow? But just the two of us?" Harry asks,standing.

"I'd love to. And thank you." I say,smiling. 

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