The Boy Next Door

Aubrey Coles just moved to Holmes Chapel, England from NYC. Aubrey meets the boy next door, Harry Styles, who is going to audition for the X Factor. They become best friends, but who wants to be more than friends? Harry makes it through the auditions, and has to go to boot camp. His mom invites Aubrey along, and she accepts. But why does a phone call make Aubrey suddenly leave?


10. Chapter 10.

*Harry’s POV*

“Aubrey…” I whispered, as I watch the taxi fade into the distance. What happened? What’s wrong? Why would she leave like that? I think to myself, tears dripping down my face.

“Harry! Harry, what just happened? Why are you standing here? Where’s Aubrey?” The questions fire at me. I turn around to face my mum. She gasps when she sees my tear-stained cheeks. “Harry what’s wrong?”

“Sh-she left.” I collapse into her, burying my face into her shoulder.

Mum rubs my back, until I finally lift my head up and look into her eyes. I wipe my eyes.

“Why did she go?”

“She didn’t say. I ran up to her, and there was shock on her face. Tears started running down her face, and then she hugged me. Then she… th-then she ran off.” I sniff.

“Oh, Harry,” Mum says.

“I’m going to go call her,” I back away, Mum nodding and watching me go. I turn and go towards the lift.

I enter my room, and find the boys all sitting around having a good time. They all stare at me when I enter.

“Harry, what’s wrong?” Louis asks me.

“I’d rather not talk about it,” I answer. I grab my phone off my bed and leave the room. I stand outside the door as I dial Aubrey’s number.

*Aubrey’s POV*

I look down at my phone, trying to hold back tears. I sniff a few times, and I open Twitter to get my mind off things. All the boys have updated their statuses, except Harry.

Harry. I should’ve just told him what was happening. I shouldn’t have run off. He must be worried sick! The way he looked at me when I left… the way he called my name. I should’ve just stopped in my tracks and told him. Stupid!

I scroll through some tweets Niall retweeted, and their from a few girls who wanted to congratulate them on how much the judges  liked their song. Ugh, I ruined that, too! This was supposed to be Harry’s big day with the boys, and I ruined it!

Suddenly, my phone starts to ring. I look down to see Harry’s name flash on the screen. I’m not sure I’m ready to talk yet… but I really should apologize. I wait until the last ring to pick up.

“H-hello?” I answer, shakily.

“Aubrey! I was afraid you weren’t going to pick up! Oh my- what’s wrong?! Why did you leave?!” Harry’s voice is a mixture of  worry and fear.

“I’m really sorry, Harry. I didn’t mean to run off like that. I should’ve explained to you first. See, I got a phone call from… from my…” my voice trails off, remembering the horrible message.


“From my mom. She called me to say to come home quick because my d-dad got h-hurt.”

The line goes silent for a few seconds before Harry speaks. “Aubrey… I’m really sorry. I didn’t know it was that extreme.”

“It’s okay. I’m just going to see how he’s doing, and I’m going to be by his side for a while. I’m sorry, I know you wanted me there with you, but this just happened at a bad time, and-”

“It’s fine, your situation is way more important right now. I’ll be here to support you. Call me when you need to. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Harry, that means a lot. Bye.” Harry says goodbye, and the call ends. I play around on my phone for a while longer, and before I know it, I’m back home.


What do you think happened to Aubrey's dad? Please like and comment, and if you really like it, maybe favorite? I'm really happy with how far this is coming! Feedback please! Thanks so much for reading, and an update will come soon! ~Mel :)

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