Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


8. The Mall

Harry seemed to enjoy our company. w all went into his car and sat outside untill the mall opened at 5. we all sat on our phones and texted or tweet or instagramed. Even harry posted something!

@harrystyles:With my girl and her girls xx {Brooklyns in the blue shades}

We all went inside and bought so much stuff. Of course Harry bought all my stuff. He got me perfume, 5 dresses, 3 necklaces, 7 rings, 4 bracelets, 10 shoes, 2 watches, and some ponytails. we all changed into different clothes! Julia and Grace left and we saw my friends Miley and Courtney we took this crazy photo by Harry.

After we drove everyone home Harry dropped me off at my house but waited outside until I talked to my parents.

"Mom? Dad?" 

"Yes honey?!"

"We all need to talk" i sat down with them on the couch and spilled my guts "Harry isn't a bad guy, he's sweet, privative, and responsible."

"Go to your room"  my dad said without looking at me

"But Harrys outside-"

"You wont see Harry or your friends anymore this is inexcusable!" my dad said and went outside to deal with Harry.

"You can lock me up there with out Harry but you cant make me stop loving him" my mom pushed me upstairs and I watched as I saw harrys car drive away.

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