Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


3. Party

"Hey babe" harry said and kissed me

"You weren't lying.." Mollie said surprised 

"About him, never!" we all laughed 

"Mollie Niall is sitting at the bar alone maybe you want to fancy him?" he laughed while she nodded and left

"Now Brooklyn?" harry said with a devilish look.


"are you ready for the best snogging of your life?" i nodded and he kissed me for a reall long time until..

"are you harry styles" some skinny little brown haired broke us up, he nodded and smiled "Will you dance with me?" before he could reply she pulled him and started dancing with him. It had to be 30 songs later untill he came back.

"Sorry about tha-"

"C'mon Harry dont be a party pooper!" she pulled him back and he kept looking at me disappointed that he was stuck over there.

"hey..I am Tanner" a boy walked over to me, he was like a ken doll

"Hi i am Brooklyn" i was trying to see Harry but he was in my way

"Want to dance?"

"Why not!" i got up and danced with him for a song or two. When i got back Harry was still trying to get away.

"Can i buy you a drink?" i shoke my head no and he finally left.

"Harry finally"

"who was that?" he didn't seem happy

"a friend dont worry about it"

"Want to go back to your place?" he nodded and we left. The brown haired girl saw Harry standing alone on the side of the street and grabbed his arm, the paparazzi went wild. Harry ignored them both and went in the cab with me


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