Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


11. Lying in bed

"Lets take a lazy day" Harry said

"Ok!! Want to play 20 questions?"

"Sure" he sat up and faced me

"Why do you love me?" he asked me

I looked in his green eyes and smiled "Because are love is mad, crazy, and beautiful. YOu manage to drive me insane, yet level headed at the same time. I often lose myself in your eyes and find myself on your lips. Your touch sets me on fire. I sometimes wish I didn't love you because I don't want to lose you. We are so bad yet so perfect. Your love is worth every second of pain. You make every cut let bandage them up. When we were apart you were the reason i cried. Everytime I tried to talk away my love grew stronger. You are bad for me yet, I crave you." When I finshed Harry looked like this. "Why do you love me?"

"Because..." he started singing just the way you are by Bruno Mars. Our lazy day wasn't really lazy "babe can you get you and I red wine"

"Sure!" I went outside and paparazzi went everywhere

"Brooklyn wheres Harry?" one shouted with a camera

"Are you guys dating?"

"Who was harry snogging with in the picture" I kept my head down and tried to ignore them. When I got to the wine store I looked on People Magazine:

HARRY STYLES GIRLFRIEND! She was spotted walking into the wine store

After diapering for a year she returned to the public wearing Harry Styles of one directions ring. What's going on?!?!?!


When I picked up the drinks Harry called me

"Brooklyn bring the red wine to the beach I am there, get dressed fancy"

"what wh-" he hung up on me. When I got home I got dressed and drove to the beach. It toke me like an hour to get there and when I did...

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