Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


24. Hotel Chillin

When we got to the hotel Harry and I were at lying on the couch when I got a text from Niall telling me to go in his room alone. I walked across the hall in Niall's room to see him crying on the couch. I closed the door and ran to him. "Niall whats wrong?" I lifted his head

"I had a girl I loved.." he looked up at me and I wiped his tears

"thats great" I said smiling

"no it isn't because she has a boyfriend and he's my mate" I looked at him confused "you" he whispered


"I know Brooklyn you and Harry are forever but I just wished maybe you thought of me more"

"Niall I think about you all the time and you know I love you but I love you-"

"as a friend" he said

"Hey look at me" i saw the tears still in his eyes wiped them and showed him his fans outside"Thats not even the number of people who love you. You have Mollie too" I walked him back in his room "prom-" after I realized what i was doing I thought of Harry but then I forgot about him and........I kissed Niall back. When I started to close my eyes I pulled away "Niall!"

"I am sorry" I ran out and ran to Harry who was sleeping i kissed him and woke him up

"Hey sweetheart!" Harry said

"Can i make you anything?" I said putting my ear to his chest

"No thanks love whats wrong?" I closed my eyes and smiled

"Long day" I was asleep for about 3 hours on top of Harry I heard the door bell ring and Harry picked me up and put me on a chair. It was Niall, he was looking for me...I just kept my eyes shut and wanted to cry. Harry walked him over to me and Harry kissed  my forehead. "Sorry I fell asleep" i said tired

"I know baby" he got down on his knees rubbing my head. I felt really guilty and knew I had to talk to Liam. Liam would always give me good advice.

"want me to get you something?" I said sitting up

"No Niall needed your help in his room" i nodded and walked out with Niall

"What?" I said crossing my arms

"I am so sorry Brooklyn" I nodded and hugged him "can you help me?" i nodded and walked in his room "I want to ask you friend out.." he said shaking his hair

"Which one?"

He mumbled "Grace, can you ask her?"

"She lives in the UK"

"Oh yeah" he sat down 

"Look for an american babe" he laughed and I went to Harry's room "hey!"

"Ello I think I should get to bed, you coming love?" i nodded and changed into his shirt and shorts "Good night B"

"Good night Haz" he turned out the light and wrapped his arms around my waist and we both fell alseep

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