Hailey Smith is 17 years old. She lives in San Jose, California with her dad after her parents got divorced. Her dad plays for the San Francisco 49ers, and he got married to Madison. She works at Island Def Jam Music group with L.A. Reid and a lot more artists. When Hailey was younger she got the opportunity to win a contest to become a cheerleader and dance. Justin sees her on the news and wants to find Hailey. Does Justin find her? If so, What does Justin want from her? Will they ever date in the future? What if, Austin Mahone meets Hailey and wants to take Hailey from Justin? What will happen? Read to find out........ And by the way the Magcon Boys are in it too....


56. Moving On

~~~ 3 Months Later ~~~


It's been the worst 3 months of my life. Justin and I had the worst break up ever. We haven't talked for about 2 months and a half.


~ Flashback ~

I woke up puking and with the biggest headache I've ever had.

J: Babe I gotta go to an interview. Are you sure you can be home alone?

M: Yeah go have fun. Kylie's here with me! Go have fun with your friends!

J: Alright! I'll call you every hour to make sure you're ok!

M: Alright babe love you!

J: Love you too!

He have me a peck on the lip and left.

I was on my bed sleeping all day. I did want to do anything except sleep and be on my bed. Kylie came in to check on me every once in awhile. She made me eat but I ended up throwing it up!

It's 10 o'clock. Justin hasn't came to stop by at all. I'm not really worried it's just I know that when he's with his friends he makes the worst decisions.

I got out of bed to take a shower. My body had zero energy. I took a shower. I put on some sweatpants with a big T-shirt with a sports bra.

K: Hailey you have to eat something. How about if I order some soup?

M: yeah that'll be fine.

I wonder if she knows where Justin's at?

M: Kylie do you know where Justin's at?

K: Yeah he came by about two hours ago he took a shower and left.

M: do you know where he went to?

K: I'm not sure he never said anything but I heard Za said something about a club.

M: ok okay thanks.

~ next morning ~

I woke feeling a lot better. I felt like a new person. I turned around to see to give Justin a kiss but I was alone. I got up maybe thinking he was in the living room and kitchen. I went to looking for him but NOTHING. Hmmmm...where could he be?!

I heard Kylie get out of the her room!

K: Goodmorning Hailey!

M: Goodmoring! Where are the guys?

K: I'm not sure.

M: oh ok

I text Justin last night but he never texted me back. I have a slight feeling he's doing something bad.

M: Hey Kylie let's go to get something to eat!

K: yeah ok

I want back to the room to change. I out on some yoga pants with a Victoria Secret Pink sweater with some nike free runs. I went to the door to wait for Kylie.

M: ready?

K: yeah

M: alright let's go.

We were in the lobby but I forgot that there's was paparazzi and fans outside the hotel. Shit. What am I gonna do?!

We were about to head outside until I heard fans scream "Justin", "I love you" and more thing. I'm guessing Justin here. I could see Justin a little bit but I could see him with another girl. AND they were kissing. I felt tears coming out. Kylie saw me and gave me hug.

I hid behind the lounge couch so he wouldn't see me. I saw Justin come in. They were really flirty. By now I could see anything because my eyes where filled with tears.

I had to do something. I wasn't going to be the girl cheated on by Justin. Oh. Hell. Nahh. Not. Today.

I wiped my tears away. I wasn't going to show him my weak side. Justin and the girl should be in the room by now.

M: Kylie come on I'm gonna end it with Justin now.

K: Have you been on twitter?

M: No why?

K: Well look.

She showing me a pic. It was with that girl they were making out then he took her away. Then it said "JUSTIN BIEBER HAD SEX WITH A GIRL THATS NOT HAILEY". Oh now this is the end of Justin and Hailey. I. Am. Done.

We walked back to the room. I opened the door to see Justin sucking the girls face.

Justin stopped kissed her and looked at me with a worried face.


J: It not was it looks like.


J: babe please listen

He can up to me and tried to grab my arm


I took off my promise ring that he had gave me.


I went to my room and packed everything that was mine.

J: you can't do this to me Hailey! I love you!

M: Justin if you really loved me you wouldn't of been sucking faces with her and HAVING SEX.

Justin was on his knees with his hands over his face crying. All I wanted to do was give him a hug but I had to stay strong. He wasn't going to get away with this easy! I turned one more time to look at him.

M: Bye Justin I'll always love you.

~ End of Flashback ~

That same day I came back to Cali with my parents. I told them everything had happened they where very supportive.

I haven't really dated anyone since Justin. I'm really busy right now too and a boyfriend isn't really on my list right now. 

As alot people may not know but I'm good at singing. Before the whole Justin and I thing I was going to perform some songs but instead Scooter took my into the studio. I signed a control and now he's my manger. The past month, month and a half I've been in the studio. 

I recorded a couple of songs. The first song I wrote is " We Belong Together". At the being I really need him. I felt like I was missing a part of me but I knew some how I was going to get through it.  But there's one song that I really liked it's called Miss Movin' On (I will be using some song from other artist but pretend she wrote them). The song is about how I've learned to move on and I don't need him anymore.  

Within these 3 months, I've finished my album. I wrote all the songs. Here's the album, it's called Broken because when I wrote these songs I was broken. Two of the 12 songs have already been out. Justin's heard them and I only know that because Scooter's told me. 

1. Take A Bow
2. We Belong Together
3. Hate That I Love You ft. Ne- Yo
4. Halo
5. Baby I
6. Miss Movin' On
7. Single Ladies
8. Best Think I ever Had
9. Stronger
10. Neon Lights
11.Run the World (girls)
12. Take Care ft. Drake

Today, I have 3 interview. Two at a radio station and another with Ellen. I'm getting ready for my first one which is with Ryan Seacrest. I was wearing: 

I put straightened my hair with some natural looking make-up. 

I went downstairs to get my purse and keys. 

M: Mom I'm leaving I'm not sure when I'll be back.

Mom: Okay. But I heard Justin's here in LA already.

M: Why?

Mom: His other leg of the tour is in the US.

M: Oh ok! Bye! See ya later!

Kylie went back home about a week ago so I'm all alone. I turned on my Range Rover and headed to the radio station. 


R: Hello Hailey. I'm glad you could make it here. There's alot of people out there. 

M: Thanks for having me! And yes there's ALOT of people but I made it in here safe.

Ryan set up his laptop so he could see the questions he was going to ask me.

R: How's you day been so far?

M: It's been good. This is my first interview than I have another two. 

R: Well thats fun! So first question from @belieber_97. (I'm making up all these usernames, I don't know if they're real.) Hailey, How have you been without Justin?

M: I've been good. At the being it was really hard because we use to be together like all the time but it takes some time but it's all good know.

R: I bet it was hard. I mean you two were like the Hollywood couple. How does it feel to be the Hollywood couple.

M: I mean I'm not sure how I'm suppose to feel now that we aren't together. All over magazines and the internet we are the on and off again. But no one really understand how it feel to love someone so much but than you see them with some else. It feels like something grab my heart and broke it into small piece. 

R: So Are you really over Justin?

I had to take a moment to think about his.

M: No. I'm not over him. How can you get over someone so fast. Yeah I still love him but will I take him back if I see him. No because just `cause he's Justin Bieber doesn't mean he'll get a special treatment.

R: Next Question from @MrsBieber_7 what's the best thing that's happened to you after the break up? 

M: The best things that happen to me would be getting signed to Island Def Music Center. I was a big step for me.

R: Now that you have so much on your shoulder when do you find free time?

M: The good thing is that I don't always go to the studio or go to practice my dance routines. I try to keep myself organized or else I would be very lost.

R: How your Victoria Secret Modeling going?

M: It's doing good. Just the other day I was at a photo shoot for Victoria Secret. It really fun and different all the guys are really nice.

R: How does it feel being so young and being in the business industry?

M: I feel lucky but at the same time it's hard because I want to be normal but I know that's not gonna happen. I try to keep myself humble and not let the fame and money get the best of me.

R: Have you talked to Justin at all since the break up?

M: Nope I haven't he's texted me called me he's done everything but I don't answer. I know it's not right but he need to learn that it wasn't right of him to do what he did.

R: What your reaction to everything he's do in Europe?

M: I don't like it but he's doing this because he wants my attention. He'll do anything to get and it's not working. I'm only paying attention to my work and nothing else.

R: Well I hope he gets better and you two work everything out because you two were a really cute couple. But that's for stopping by. When you album coming out?

M: thanks for having but it's coming out Monday!

R: Alright and that was Hailey Smith. We'll see what happens in the future with Justin and her.

I was about to leave the radio station when I get mobbed but fans and paparazzi. This is not good. I ran as fast as I could to my truck. Thankfully I can run in heals. 


I'm at my last interview, which is with Ellen. I love her so much, she's so nice and sweet.

E: Okay! Hailey I will call you out in about 5 minutes. The show is pretty much all about you. And then you'll perform a Miss Movin' On.  Correct?

M: Okay. Thanks Ellen.

~~ 5 Minutes later ~~

E: Today we have a special guest! She's really humble and nice. Next week her first album is coming out. Now lets give Hailey Smith and special welcome. 

I walked out. Everyone was clapping. I gave Ellen and big warm hug.

E: Hi. Hailey I glad to have you here?

M: Thanks for inviting me.

E: Hows your life since Justin?
M: Since the break I've been really busy. I got contract to Island Def Music Group. I've gotten to work with Victoria Secret. And I've also been dancing in my free time. 

E: Tell is a little bit about how you became in the music industry.

M: Well it all start when I was going on tour with Justin. I was going to sing with him some song. But than all this happened. Scooter called one day and said hey can you meet me in the studio. I went to the studio all day. We recorded some song and I'm here now. 

E: That's great. Your album is coming out next week? Is that correct?

M: Yeah it's coming out next week! On money to be exact.

E: What will we be expecting on this new album. 

M: Half the album it's about how I miss Justin but than throughout the album it's of how I got over him and I'm a stronger better person. 

E: You're single called Miss Movin' On. Tell me a little but about it. 

M: Its a song I wrote when I finally got over Justin. I loved him alot but I know I can be a better and stronger person. I moved on from him. It took alot of strength to say "I can't be with him anymore". It probably the worst break up I've been in.  

E: Do you still live him?

M: To be honest no. Maybe deep down I still do but no I don't. When I do talk to him again which who knows when that'll be I just want to be friends because it's good for the both of us. 

E: We'll talk more with Hailey after the break. 

E: We are here again with Hailey. So Hailey?

M: Yeah. 

E: We've seen some sexy picture of you from Victoria Secret. 

The picture were on the back screen. 

E: Can you please tell us how this all got start.

M: I know alot of people will say this is bad. She's only 16. It's going to make younger girl want to loose weight. But I do want to do that to teen girls. Everyone is pretty in there own way. When I was younger I was fat. I was not even close to skinny, but the thing that helped me was dance. I danced for a long time than I long all the weight I had. I happy about my body now. I want to motivate other girls that you can do it just believe in yourself. 

E: I like that. You want to motivate other girls.  It's to take another break but after this one she will be perform her song Miss Movin' On.


E: We are back. Hailey is about to perform her #1 single Miss Movin' On.

The door opened and I started singing:

[Verse 1:]
I'm breakin' down
Gonna start from scratch
Shake it off like an etch-a-sketch
My lips are saying goodbye
My eyes are finally dry

I'm not the way that I used to be
I took the record off repeat
It killed me but I survived
And now I'm coming alive

[Chorus: x2]
I'll never be that girl again
No oh oh

My innocence is wearin' thin
But my heart is growing strong
So call me, call me, call me

Miss movin' on
Oh oh oh

[Verse 2:]
I broke the glass surrounded me (surrounded me)
I ain't the way you remember me (remember me)
I was such a good girl
So fragile but no more

I jumped the fence to the other side (the other side)
My whole world was electrified (electrified)
Now I'm no longer afraid
It's Independence Day (Independence Day)

[Chorus: x2]
I'll never be that girl again
No oh oh

My innocence is wearin' thin
But my heart is growing strong
So call me, call me, call me

Miss movin' on

[Verse 3:]
Everything is changing and I never wanna go back to the way it was (to the way it was)
I'm finding who I am and who I am from here and now is gonna be enough (is gonna be enough)
Is gonna be enough

[Chorus: x2]
I'll never be that girl again
No oh oh

My innocence is wearin' thin
But my heart is growing strong
So call me, call me, call me
Miss movin' on
Oh oh oh
Miss movin' on

(On and on and on and on and on)

Miss movin' on
Oh oh oh

Yeah, I'm movin' on  

 I finished the song and said thank you to everyone.

E: Don't forget to Buy her album this Monday. We'll be right back with the one and only Justin Bieber.

Did she just say Justin Bieber?

A/N: cliffhanger..... What's going to happen?



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