~ My High School's Story ~

This is my high school life story. I didn't knew I would find my love here. My mistakes.....


17. The Next Day

The next day*

Vanessa POV:

I woke up after sleeping and sobbing for a long time. My head hurt so badly, I don’t know why, maybe because I was thinking too much. Suddenly, there was a knock on my door. I went to open it and found Kristiana standing there holding a bowl of soup. So I invited her inside.

So, how are you feeling Vanessa? Any Better? I made this soup for you; I was thinking you were hungry. –Kristiana

Thanks for the soup. I’m still not feeling any better because Justin cheated on me. I feel so stupid, he only ask me to be his date to the homecoming dance. That doesn’t make me his girlfriend right? So why did I get so jealous. OMG what is wrong with me? Kristiana please help me.-Vanessa

You’re in love with Justin. That why you care so much yesterday. Vanessa, I’m so sorry. It is all because of me that he treated you like this. I only get to know you yesterday and I felt like we’re practically sisters. I don’t want to see you getting hurt like this. So of course I’m going to help you to get over Justin. –Kristiana

Thanks Kristiana. I have question. Yesterday I remember that I’ve fallen asleep in your car when I was crying so how come I’m in bed right now? -Vanessa

Oh that. When we arrived at school I called Niall and I told him to carry you to bed. Niall is so cute. I don’t know what I would do without him.- Kristiana

Aww you and Niall are so cute. I’m jealous. -Vanessa

You will find your prince charming soon Vanessa. Don’t worry. A pretty girl like you would definitely find someone better.-Kristiana

I hope I will, I want to go somewhere to get my mind of Justin. Do you have any place in mind Kristiana?-Vanessa

Actually I do, Niall’s place. Today his friends are coming over his room to play; we should go there and hang out with them. It would be superfun.-Kristiana

You mean hanging out with the most popular boy gang in our school? I get to go? REALLY???-Vanessa

Of course from this day forward, me and you, we’re going to be besties. And besties does everything together. But I’m definitely not sharing Niall with anyone.-Kristiana

HAHAHA Don’t worries. I’m not planning ever to take Niall away from you.-Vanessa

OK then, let go. –Kristiana

Let me change first, I’m not going anywhere wearing this outfit. –Vanessa

Lol ok, get change then. We don’t have all day.-Kristiana

After I got change, we went over to Niall’s room. Kristiana knocks and her boyfriend opened the door. When they saw each other Kristiana gave Niall a peck on the cheeks and went inside. She totally forgot about me. When Niall ask who I am, Kristiana remember me and told him I’m also spending time here with them today.   This girl is so forgetful.

Kristiana Pov:

After what Justin had told me yesterday at the mall, I couldn't help but feel guilty about it. I know that it's my entire fault that Justin had felt that way and I had hurt my new best friend’s feelings. I only knew Vanessa for a couple of days now but it seems like forever and I really enjoy the time that I spent with her. Since it my fault for what happen, I'm going to try and make it up to her.

After I had introduced Vanessa to Niall and the boys, we started to play 7 minutes in heaven together. Since I was the one who wanted to play I was the first to spin the bottle. Guess who it landed at? The one and only, Niall Horan <33 I was so happy I literally did a happy dance. 


We then went into his bathroom and closed the door so no one could see us. Niall smirked and started to kiss me, and then he picked me up and put me in the bathtub. Then he also came into the bathtub lying on top of me. He then leaned in for a kiss again and this time we didn't stop. His tongue collides onto mine swarming circling my mouth, then he started to caress my neck before kissing it lightly, slowly, slowly he moved down . Since my shirt was getting in the way, I took it off, revealing my bright red bra to Niall.I think that made him even hornier since he started to take off my bra and lightly nibbling and stroking, my nipple. He licked and kissed me all the way from my breast to my navel, it was all going so good. But suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Hey, you two. Time’s up!!!- Zayn (shouted from outside of the bathroom)

We'll be out in a bit!!!!- Niall shouted back. 

I quickly gave Niall one last kiss and we both wore our clothes back and went out. We were so close to become one again. If only Zayn haven't stopped us. When we went out, I was shocked to see Vanessa was making out with Harry??? It couldn't be possible.... No way....  

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