~ My High School's Story ~

This is my high school life story. I didn't knew I would find my love here. My mistakes.....


7. The next day (part 2)

Kristiana pov:

I woke up to a vibrating sound from my phone. It was a text from Justin asking me to go to the canteen and share breakfast with him. Happily I changed and clean myself up. I can't believe last night I share my first kiss with Justin. It was just amazing, I never felt this way before. He is just perfect to me. I regret that I had sex with Niall but something in me felt it was right. I can't like 2 guys at the same time, that weird. In my mind, it said that I have feelings for Niall but in my heart I know that the love of my life is Justin. What is wrong with me? I can't have feelings for Niall, if I'm in love with Justin. I must get Niall out of my mind, but how? This is so frustrating!!! I mustn't think about it now I'm going to have breakfast with Justin. When I got to the canteen I saw Justin sitting alone so I rushed over and gave him a big hug. We talked and ate but something felt wrong. I sensed that someone is staring at me. So I looked around to see who is was and I found Niall staring intensely at me sadly. I didn't know what to do. He started walking over at our table which I knew that it going to get worse between him and Justin. But I can't do anything, I was stuck. When he got to our table, Justin gave him a death glare but he just shrugged it off and started talking to me.

-Hey babe-Niall

-Don't call her babe-Justin

-Why not? I don't see why I can't call her babe after that night we spent together.-Niall (smirking)

-Guys STOP! Niall what do you want?-Kristiana

-I want to ask you why you are spending time with this weirdo when you can come sit with me -Niall

-He is not a weirdo. I can sit with anyone I like and it doesn't have to be you. You don't own me.-Kristiana

-I don't own you but I have you already babe, every single part of your body. -Niall

I look at Justin who look like he is about to give Niall a punch on the face. And try to calm him down but it doesn't seem to work.

-Look Niall, I know that I gave you my whole self already. So what else do you want from me? If you have nothing to say then please leave me alone. There are plenty of Hot girls around so why aren't having "fun" with them. Just please leave me alone.

Niall pov:

After she said that, I felt sad for some reasons. After that night, something in me change. I started having feelings for her which is not supposed to happen. This was supposed to be like a one night stand like all the other girls but something of Kristiana is different. And that different is making me falling hard for her. I just want her in my arm but I know that weirdo guy here also have feelings for her. I will have her for myself, and that was my goal. I can do it, and nothing can get in the way. Before I left I whispered in her ear seductively "I want more than just having your whole body for one night, babe."






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