~ My High School's Story ~

This is my high school life story. I didn't knew I would find my love here. My mistakes.....


9. Girl's day out!

Kristiana pov:

Next morning*

Yen Vy woke me up by singing in the bathroom very loudly. She has a beautiful voice but she is scared of performing in front of others. I still remember the questions that kept replaying in my head last night that I can't stop thinking about. I'm not jealous am I? Why would I be? I don't love Niall and he sure doesn't love me. I'm in love with Justin then why am I feeling this way? Please make this feeling go away, I want to be happy with Justin not Niall. But some part of me doesn't want to forget that night when me and Niall was together. We wasn't just having it, we were making love. But I knew from the beginning Niall would never love me so why bother thinking about this. I should just have a great time with my girlfriends today. They always brighten up my day.

I started to tell the other girls to wake up and have a girl’s day out. They all started to get ready and everything. About 30 mins later we took off and went to the mall. We shop, gossip, teased and shop again. We shop for 4 hours in different shops before we stop and have a rest. I was taking a sip of my drink when Yen Vy started to poke me to look at somebody. So I look who it was....


-Ni..all - Kristiana stuttered

- Why is he here? -Aurora

- And who is the girl kissing and laughing with him? -Gorina

- Girls let just ignore him. Today is our girl’s day out who cares who that girl is. Let’s just enjoy ourselves. -Yen Vy

- I want to know who she is to him -Kristiana said out of no where

-You do? Why? - Aurora

-Girls there are something I've been hiding away from you. On that night when I was with Niall we did it. And I don't know why but I start to have feeling for him. Don't get me wrong. I love Justin with all my heart but after that night I start to have feelings for Niall. When I was out with Justin yesterday, I saw Niall and that girl kissing each other just like now and something in me felt wrong. I felt.... -Kristiana

-Jealous -Yen Vy

-Yea -Kristiana

-Why didn't you tell us earlier? -Gorina

-Because I was scared you girls will judge me. I'm so sorry to tell you girls that now. - Kristiana

-Don't worry we won't judge you but you can't like two people at once that isn't right with Justin.- Aurora

-I know but I can't help myself. What should I do? -Kristiana

-You should choose 1 between them. Choose that our only suggestion to you. Please don't make the decision that you will regret. Choose wisely. - Yen Vy


After the girls said that I was speechless. We didn't carry on shopping after that so we drove back to school. We didn't talk to each other the whole day when we get back. They knew I have to choose and they all know I need time. So while they were out, I was thinking alone in our room. Who should I choose? Niall or Justin? Horan or Bieber?


Sorry I didn't upload this sooner.  Thank you so much for the likes and the favourites <333 But I need your help. Who should Kristiana choose? Comment which team you are voting for ^.^ Team Bieber? or Team Horan? Please choose.


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