On My Way

Shelly is just a regular teen waitress looking for some money. She has an amazing voice that never appears in public because she is so shy. What happens when her favorite boy band helps acheive her dreams of becoming famous? Remember, there are never smooth roads to the land of freedom.


2. Why are you here?

"Okay Ms. Faldwell, we are tracing the call now and police are on their way. Hang in there, don't make any sudden movements or noise until police have arrived. " Yes m-m'am" I stuttered. I always stutter when I'm nervous. Why am I nervous you may ask? I don't know, maybe my phsyco father is looking for me to finish what he started?! Why is he here?! He was meant to be prosecuted for what he has done to the whole family several times! He must've escaped since he is still in the orange jumpsuit. Why is this happening to me?! Me out of all people. Out of the blue, a voice rings through the diner, after the bell rung in front of the enterance. "Hi, I was wondering if I could use the teleph-" *BOOM* I recognized the accent from anywhere! I popped up from behind the counter and saw Liam Payne from One Direction laying on the ground starting to bleed from what looks like the ribs in front of my father who pointed the gun to Liam, just standing there. "Liam!" I yelled. "Oh, just give it a rest Shelly! And come here right now! Where are the cops when I need them? I quietly followed my father through the back door which led to a van with the doors already open. "Get in now!" I obeyed. Then all of a sudden, *BANG* I realized my father was laying on the ground. I looked up and saw that Liam had hit my father's head with a steel pan. "Hey love, the police have arrived and was wondering where you were and I grabbed this just in case and I found him so I just swung" "Liam Payne?! "Yes?" Why are you here? Like specifically here." "Well, the tour bus broke down and I ran to the nearest diner to find a telephone to call and tell our manager that we'd be late and this happened" "Oh, well, can we get out of here? Ya know, away from him?" I said pointing to my father. "Sure, but before we do go, the police wanted to ask you questions about this whole situation." "Okay." We both walked out of the parking lot after the chaos. "So where do you live?" Liam asked. "Right next to the diner. But, I want to get away from this place for a little bit." " Would you like to go to the gas station and bring gas to the bus?" "Sure." I've always imagined meeting one direction, of course not in this kind of way; but hey, I'm not complaining! We grabbed the container for the gas and walked back to the bus. The boys were still in the bus, so I was still unknown to their existince for their brains except for Liam. We loaded gas into the large vehicle. After several minutes of awkwardness, I spoke and broke the silence. " I guess I should get going now." I started walking back toward my house until he spoke back in response. "Wait! At least come and meet the boys! You know, get to know each other?" I thought for a moment and replied. "Okay, I guess I could." Not trying to sound too excited. I was keeping the screaming, dancing dolphin of myself inside and was kept calm on the outside staring into space. "Hello? Hello? Shelly?" I snapped out of trance. "Wait, how to you know my name?" "Um, your nametag" Liam said pointing to the pin attached to my shirt. I blushed awkwardly. "Shall we step in?" Liam asked gesturing toward the bus enterance. "Oh yeah. Liam slowly opened to the door.

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