Irish Eyes

Madolyn meets her smexy leprechaun one day in music class. She had dreams of being a singer.And who will help her achieve it? How about Niall Horan? All he ever wanted to do was protect her,save her,love her.And make her smile. He taught her how to make love and hold her own.With his smiling,bright,irish eyes....


2. Party life

"And who are you?"The teacher asked.'I'm Madolyn" I said shyly."I'm Karlie" Karlie said staring at an adorable boy with green eyes and curly hair."Well I am Ms.Nobble,and I see you two are friends?" We nodded.The boy with the blue eyes still staring at me."Well Madolyn,i watched your acceptance tape and You have a wonderful voice and I expect the best from you.I've paired all of you up with Karlie go with Harry,Makayla go with Liam,Taylor go with Louis,Anna go with Zayn And Madolyn you're with Niall." Karlie an I looked at each other with our mouths wide open.We couldn't believe that One Direction was in our vocals class.All the 8th grade memories came back,the tears,the staying up all night listening to One Direction flooded back to us."Now I have paired you up based on your talents..for example since Madolyn and Niall are the best singers in the class they will be paired up,Got it?" I blushed and Niall smiled and winked at me."Now everyone please take a seat beside your partners please." I sat down beside Niall feeling awkward."Hi", he said with his sexy irish accent."Hi",I said."What's your name love?" he asked me "Madolyn" I said."I think that's a beautiful name,I'm Niall he said looking you in the eyes."We worked on our song for the end of the year performance."Um,Madolyn?" "Yea Niall." "Um,well I know we just met but I was wondering if you would be my date to Zayn's party tonight?" he said blushing."sure",you replied smiling.We exchanged numbers and the bell rang. "I'll text you ok" I nodded. Karlie walked up to me screaming."What?" I asked. "WHAT! WE BOTH JUST GOT INVITED TO ONE DIRECTIONS PARTY!!!" We were so excited.

*3 hours later*


Bing! My phone went off.

Niall:Hey beautiful


Niall: Me and Harry will be there in an hour p.s wear something sexy and red I love red on a girl :P


I screamed and told Karlie we spent the next hour getting ready.I wore a tight,sexy,red dress.curled my hair at the ends and put on some makeup.All of the sudden i heard a knock at the door.i opened the door to find those beautiful blue,irish eyes again. "You look beautiful and sexy love" He said smiling.Harry and Niall drove us to the party.When we arrived to their dorm music was blasting.Everyone was either drunk or horny.Niall and Harry went to the bar to get drinks so me and Karlie were left on the dance floor.We danced to We can't stop and Get low.All of the sudden I felt two strong hands around your waist and somebody grinding me. I turned m y head to see Niall all up on me .We danced and had a LOT of alcohol.I heard Niall whisper  in my ear.."Come with me upstairs and we'll have some real fun." I tingled at his Irish accent. we ran upstairs.Looking back I saw Karlie and Harry making out in a corner.i laughed and followed Niall upstairs.We were both drunk.He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me passionately.I kissed back.He smiled at how good of a kisser i was.He licked my bottom lip wanting entrance but you refused,he grunted in frustration and he reached under my shirt and grabbed my boob making me gasp and him making his move and our tounges fought for dominance.I pulled away."You think you're gonna get that far without taking me out on a date?" I said smiling.He laughed and kissed my  cheek.He pushed me on the bed and I fell asleep in his arms.Hoping that this wasn't a one night stand.

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