Irish Eyes

Madolyn meets her smexy leprechaun one day in music class. She had dreams of being a singer.And who will help her achieve it? How about Niall Horan? All he ever wanted to do was protect her,save her,love her.And make her smile. He taught her how to make love and hold her own.With his smiling,bright,irish eyes....


9. My Prince Charming

I fell asleep in his arms.Our fingers interlocked.His face in the crook of my neck.He had kissed every single one of my cuts and bruises before he laid us both down.He hummed me to sleep. While I was sleeping I had a nightmare.One about my father who had passed away when I was 11 years old.I woke up crying.Niall heard me and stirred.He pulled me closer and brought me into his chest.I could smell his cologne.I cried even harder. "What's wrong Princess?" He asked after he had opened his eyes. "Nothing"I said sniffing.But he knew when I was lying.He looked me in my eyes and asked once again. I looked him in his beautiful eyes and told him I had a nightmare.He just smiled and pulled me closer to him.Smothering me almost.I cried into his chest and he kissed my forehead.He played with my hair and sang quietly to me."I'm here Princess,i will not let you go."He said comforting me.I closed my eyes and fell asleep once again,in his arms.Right before I fell asleep.I could still hear him singing.I woke up to Niall talking to someone.I saw that he wasn't there and sat up.I looked around the room.No Niall.I got up and used the bathroom.I heard him on the phone in the other room,so I decided to make some coffee.I felt two strong arms go around my waist.Niall moved my hair and kissed my neck.Then.resting his chin on my shoulder.Watching me make our coffee. He turned me around.I wrapped my arms around his neck.I kissed his nose.He rested his forehead on mine and whispered "I love you",I smiled and whispered back "I love you more." He just smirked and said "I love you most." I smiled and kissed him. I looked in his eyes. His beautiful eyes. "Can't we just stay like this forever?" I asked hime.He got a worried look on his face looking down."Baby" he said worriedly. That's weird he's never called me baby before I thought. "I have to go back on tour in two days." he said. " I just found out today." he said grabbing my hands."I'm sorry,But at least we have 2 more days together." he said with tears in his eyes.I  looked  down holding in tears. When I looked up,he was crying. Which made me cry. I ran into his arms. Rubbing circles with my fingers on his back. I was soaking his T-shirt and we cried together. I realized that the final performance was next week and cried even harder. "How long will you be gone?" I asked. " 3 months, but I will call you and Skype you every night. I'll Text you everyday and I'll be thinking of you every second." he said tears still in his eyes. I nodded. "But what about our performance?" I said shakily. He looked at me and smiled.He took me into his arms."It will be your time to shine princess." "What?" I asked,confused out of my mind. "I hope you don't mind but, I kinda sent your demo to  Simon's record label, and he wants to here you perform live!" He said really excited. "But Niall, The only song I've practiced is moments with you." " You should sing "Bound to you" By Christina Aquilera, since you're a low alto you can sing it it awesome." he said really cocky,proud of his princess.Irish people are so cute when they're cocky.

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