Unbroken (Nemi/Diall)

(*Warning* May contain conversations of self harm, eating disorders, bipolar disease, and suicidal thoughts) Demi Lovato has finally returned home from her stay in the rehabilitation center. She's finally ready to have a fresh start. But before her journey could start, she has to make a promise to herself. "Never let someone hurt us again. We have to stay strong. Finally find ourself.. On our own."

She follows that promise at first, until she finds herself with this one boy. This one boy turns out to be none other then Niall Horan from the international boyband, One Direction. Niall has always had an adorable crush on Demi. But he really doesn't know what she's been through.

When the two finally meet, Niall tries everything he can to get Demi's attention. But Demi remembers her promise to herself, which makes her keep pushing Niall away. Will Niall finally break through Demi's walls and finally get her to love again? Will Demi finally be unbroken?


1. Prologue:

Hello! Well I've actually had this idea for quite some time now! I just ADORE Nemi! Or Diall.. Whatever you prefer! Some people may not like them together. But in my PERSONAL opinion, I think Demi and Niall are perfect for each other.


You may not agree with me and that's perfectly fine! We all have different opinions, but that's fine! But if you would still read this it would me the world to me :) Remember! Comment/vote.... And fan maybe?


Stay beautiful <3







I'm finally back. I'm finally home. I've been waiting for this moment for months now. The best part is.. I can actually say that I'm content with myself. No, I'm actually happy with myself. I'm proud of who I am now. I feel like someone my fans can look up to. Someone I'm proud to look at in the mirror.


The past few years have been really hard for me. My life just felt like it was crumbling down. Like I was stuck in a black hole with no way out. So I finally came to the conclusion of checking my self into rehab. With the support with my family and fans, I was able to over come what I've been going through. Of course I'm not fully recovered, I still have a few things to work out. But I feel like it's easier than it was before.


I walk up to the front porch of my home. It's been far to long since I've walked up this familiar walkway. It feels amazing to be here again. I open the front door wide open, revealing the dark living room. I step inside and flick the light switch on. The room illuminates with light, letting me see room clearly now. The couch exactly where it was when I left, along with all the other furniture. A small smile creeps on my lips as I look around.


 I let out a small sigh before I make my way across the room and towards the steps leading upstairs. Upstairs is where my bedroom lies. The room that held all my darkest secrets. I nervously climb the stairs. It's going to be strange standing in the same room again after months. The room where I felt so useless and pathetic.


 I walk down the hall and place my hand on the doorknob. I have to do this, I keep saying in my head. In a second the door was wide open. My heart nearly stops, yet.. I'm almost relieved? I take a step into the bedroom, the small smile coming back. I'm actually standing in the room feeling.... Happy still. I don't feel pathetic anymore. I don't feel useless. I feel like me.. I feel like I should.


I place my bags down by the closet, still looking around at the medium sized bedroom. The walls still white, since I didn't have enough energy to paint them any color. Yes I'm lazy, but I have no shame.


   I walk over and plop myself down on my bed. It's just as comfortable as I remember. I smile smoothing my hands on the cover. It's so nice being home again. I glance over at the bedside table, seeing my old notebook. My heart starts pounding a mile a minute. That's the notebook I used to right all my feelings in. All... All my negative feelings.


Reluctantly, I reach over and pick up the notebook. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but maybe it's the right thing to do. Look back on how I used to feel. To see how much I've grown. I flip through the pages. I knew I was in bad condition, but this.. This makes me feel terrible. That I actually had thoughts like these. I sigh reaching the last page, which was left blank. An idea pops into my head as I start looking around for a writing utensil.


 Finally I find a pen. I take the cap off and place the tip to the paper. I begin to write away.




'Dear Demi,



You've come such a long way. You may not know this, but I'm starting to love us. Even if I'm still working on myself, I still feel we've come such a long way. I'm proud of you. Just remember, stay strong. Don't let anyone hurt you. Actually.. Lets make a promise right here right now.hows that sound? Never let someone hurt you again. We have to stay strong. Finally find ourself.. On our own.'

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