Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


41. The mall with 2 guys?


 Paul's POV (woohoo!! PAUL'S POV AGAAIN!!!)

*le week later*

So, I'm here in the kitchen making bacon then all of a sudden Nya and Niall come down singing "Bacon bacon ba-CON!!!" Over and over again. Soon, they started making a two-person conga line!!! Those two are soooo weird. Then everyone else walks down doing the same. Then they all built a conga line. I gave them a confused look but they just kept singing. I shrugged and joined them. "Bacon bacon ba-CON!!!" We yelled. Then I went back to cooking the bacon while the children sat around the table patiently. They are seriously children. "All done!!!" I said and set the bacon on the table. They cheered and we ate. "I'M LEAVING!!!" Nya yelled after we ate. "Where exactly are you going?" I ask. James is still out there. The police haven't found him yet. "I'm going to the mall, Paul" She said. "Hey, that rhymed!!!!" She exclaimed. "Well, you still need at least one person with you." I said. "But Paul!!! I'm meeting up with my friend Cedric!!!" She whined. "Oh no! You are not going somewhere with another guy without me!!!" Calum yelled as he stormed into the room. "Ugh fine. Only because I wuv you!!!" Nya said to Calum and he smiled. "Ookay then. Calum go with Nya and if you see James, Call 999 (A/n I think that's what it is in England. If it's not then DON'T KILL ME!!! I'm from Canada!!!)." I said. They nodded and left.


Nya's POV

Me and Cal left. You guys are probably like 'Eww she didn't shower or change or brush her teeth and hair!!!" Well I did!!! Soon, we got to the mall entrance and there was Cedric. "CEDRIC!!!" I yelled. "NYA!!!" He yelled back. People stared. "STOP STARING!!! HE'S MY BEST FRIEND!!" I yelled and Calum and Cedric laughed. "Who's this?" Cedric asked. "Ceddybear, this is Calum, my boyfriend. Calbear, this is Cedric!!!" I introduced. They said Hi and me and Cedric did the bro shake. Calum gaped. "How do you know the bro shake?" He asked. "Living with guys and having soooo many guy friends, ya learn some stuff!!" I said. Then the 3 of us walked inside and just hung out.



(A/N Weeeellll, that's a short chappie. Sorry. I'm going somewhere in a few minutes. Anyways, comment if you want the ask the NLS characters thingy. Hehe NLS, SNL. Haha. No? Ok. Nevermind. So yeah. COMMENT PLEASE!!! I'VE ALREADY HAD 2 COMMENTS SAYING THEY WANT THE ASK NLS CHARACTERS THINGY!!! And, could someone pleeease make up a hashtag for that? TANKS!!!

Niall: *walks in* Hey sis!!

Nya: Sup bro?

Niall: nothin'. Just comin to see if there were any comments sayin they want the ask NLS thingy.

Nya: I literally just told them to comment. I've already gotten 2.

Nya: Aww Loubear, don't cry!!! We just need 3 more comments. 

Louis: *sobs* p-please c-comment!! I w-wanna t-talk t-to y-you!!! *keeps fake crying on Nya's shoulder*

Nya: Well, that's all we had time for right now. KEEP COMMENTING!!! WE LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!!!
Niall: Also comment whether or not you think James is ever gonna attack again

Nya: NIALL!! DON'T SAY THAT!!! I DON'T WANNA GET ATTACKED AGAIN!!! That would be the third time. 

Niall: t-third?

Nya: Oohkay. That is all I had time for so, CONNOR!!!

Connor: Yeah? 

Nya: Can you pleeease do the outro!?

Connor: SURE!!! Oohkay so today Calum met Cedric. Are they friends? Are they enemies? Will James ever attack again!? asdfghjkl OOO!!! 

The four of them: *leaves*)

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