Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


46. Sitting in a tree

Nya's POV

* at her house, le same day*

I walked in and sat on the couch. Thankfully, no one was home so I broke down crying. "Nya? You home?"A voice said. It was Niall. He walked out of the kitchen and saw me. He dropped his banana. Why is he always holding a banana at these times? He ran over to me and hugged me. "Shh. Calm down. Stop crying. Your big bro is here. Well, one of them." He said. It calmed me down and I stopped crying. "Now, tell Nialler what happened at Cedric's" He said. I laughed. "Well, you know how I told you that he accused me of cheating a few weeks ago?" I asked. "Yeah..." He replied. "He did it again." I said. He nodded in understandment. "Are you two still together?" He asked. I shook my head. "Good. That dude's a douchebag." He said. "You mean pancakehead." I corrected. "Yep." He replied. I turned on the TV. "Harry Potter Marathon?" I asked. "Of course!!!" He exclaimed. I laughed and put Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on.

*after 2 movies*

We're watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when everyone else walked in. They saw me. I probably still have bloodshot eyes. "What happened?" Harry asked. "One word: Cedric." Niall replied. I just payed attention to the movie. I didn't want to talk about it. "Are they still together?" Calum asked. Niall shook his head no. I swear I heard Calum whisper 'YES' to himself. That dork. I got up, grabbed my leather jacket and left. "NYA!!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?" Perrie yelled from the front porch. "SOMEWHERE!!!" I yelled and walked to the park. I texted Niall.

(NJ1=Nya, NJ2=Niall)


Nj1: Hey Ni, do you think you could bring my guitar and pennyboard to the closest park? I'll be up in my tree.

Nj2: Yeah sure. I'm guessing you want some alone time.

Nj1: You know me so well.

Nj2: we are siblings after all.

Nj1: yep. See you soon. Bye

Nj2: Bye.

*end of convo*

I got to the park and climbed the tree I climb when I need alone time. For some reason, the gardener of the park let me build a tree house here so I did. That's my tree. There's a lock so no one else can get in. No one notices it anyway. I got into my treehouse and just sat there waiting for Niall. Soon, Niall climbed up and handed me my stuff. He stayed. "You must've really liked him if you're in the treehouse." He said. I nodded. This is where I went when I had to break up with Calum. "I'll leave you alone for now. Call me if you need to be picked up or something." He said and left. I took my guitar out of its case and started strumming.

*later on*

I've been here for about 2 hours now. Suddenly, my phone rang. "Hello?" I asked. "Nya? Where are you?" Abby's voice rang through my phone. "I'm in my tree. Why?" I asked. "There's a drunk Cedric here and now he and Calum are fighting." Abby said; worriedly. Oh god.

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