Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


31. Reunited

 (A/n this'll be slightly different then in the sequel I deleted. Haha. Sorry bout that. -NJ Malfoy)

 Nya's POV

*6 months later*

"Ugh Jessica. I told you. Go with your boyfriend." I said. She sighed but nodded. Wait, you probably want to know what's happened in the past few months. Mkay, me and Calum are still together. Jessica and Connor are a couple. JC Is still with Alexis. I have 1.2 million subscribers. I have no clue what's happening in England. Except the fact that they're on tour. "I'M GONNA GO TO THE PARK. BE BACK IN AN HOUR OR SO." I yelled. "BRING BACK FOOD!!!" I heard someone yelled. "I'LL JUST CALL YA AND WE'LL ALL MEET UP SOMEWHERE" I yelled back. "FINE!!!" They yelled. I laughed. I grabbed my pennyboard and put on my shoes. I started riding to the park. 

*After le park*

I was riding back home and then as usual, bumped into someone. "Sorr- wait. Nya?" The person asked. I looked up. "ERMAHGERD!!!! ASHTON!!!" I yelled. We both got up and hugged. "So, vas happenin?" I asked. He laughed. "Not much. Just everyone missing you." He said. I laughed. "Well, tell them I said HAY!!" I said. "Why don't you tell them yourself? I'm supposed to be picking up some food for Niall. Why don't we get the food and surprise them with you?" He asked. "GREAT IDEA. Let me call the boys. And no, not the 1D boys. The O2L boys and David" I said. He nodded. I called them saying I'd be there later on. We walked to the restaurant thingy place and he got the food which happened to be 6 boxes of pizza. I laughed at him and he glared. "Well, mr.Grumpypants. Let me take some." I said. He nodded. I opened a box and got out a cheese pizza. He looked at me holding pizza then glared. "Wait, did you expect me to take some boxes?" I asked. He nodded. "Well, so-rry" I said and grabbed 3 boxes. We laughed and talked on the way to his hotel. We got there and went into the elevator and to his floor. I gave him the boxes back and hid behind him. He walked into the room and yelled "I'M BACK WITH FOOD!!!". Niall ran in, took the food and ran back into the living room. We walked in with me still hiding behind him. "Hey guys, I have a surprise" He said. "Where is it, mate?" Luke asked. "It's right here!!!" I said as I popped out. They gaped. "And Luke, I am not an 'it'. I am a human being. Or maybe I'm a cat that Harry owns. And close your mouths. You'll catch flies." I said. They closed their mouths and Abby came into the room. "What's going on?" She asked and then she saw me. "Sup bro?" I asked and she tackled me in a hug I guess? Haha. Yeah, it was a hug. "Jesus christ. Get off me." I said. "Don't leave me for that long eber again!!!" She said. "It was only 6 months." I said. "That's like 179 days!!!" She yelled. "Okay fine. You win" I surrendered. She got off. But then I was tackled in a hug again by everyone else. "Jesus christ you guys weigh a ton. Ever heard of a gym!?" I asked. Abby and Ashton laughed. "Guess not. Now GET OFF ME, FATTIES!!!" I yelled. They got off and yelled "WE ARE NOT FAT!!!" Haha. Then Eleanor, Ryanne, Perrie and Electra walked into the room, saw me and tackled me. "Jeez, how many times am I gonna be tackled today!?" I asked. They laughed and got off. I did a chinese get-up and they gaped. "Jeez guys. I've been doing that since I was 2. Niall, you should know that. You were there!!!" I yelled. "Anyways, I gotta go. The others are expecting food." I said and grabbed my pennyboard. "WAIT!!!" Someone yelled. I turned around. It was Calum. "Yes?" I asked. "Can I come. PWEASE!! I DON'T WANT NO YUCKY PIZZA. AND THOSE PEOPLE ARE PIGS WHEN THEY EAT!!!" He yelled/asked. "HEY!!!" Everyone else asked. "Fine." I replied. He smiled. He put on his shoes and we left. I got my phone out of my pocket and called the others saying I'd be home with food. We walked to tacotime and bought food. We walked to my house. I unlocked the door and we walked in. "I'M BACK WITH FOOD AND A WILD CALUM!!!" I yelled. Calum laughed and JC ran in and took the food. "JUSTIN CLOUD CAYLEN. YOU BETTER SAVE FOOD!!!" I yelled and ran into the kitchen to find Ricky sitting on JC and eating his food. I laughed at the scene and then Connor, Calum, Jess, David, Kian, Trevor and Sam walked in and started laughing at the scene. Then JC pushed Ricky off of him and we all grabbed some food. We ate. I had like 4 tacos. Everyone except Calum, David, Jess and Connor gaped at me. "How do you eat so much but stay fit?" Trevor asked. "My dear Trevor, I'm like my brother. I have a fast metabolism. Its either that or I have a fast metabolism and Niall secretly works out." I said. He nodded. I walked into the living room to look for a movie. I found one I liked and popped it into the DVD player and started watching it. Calum came and sat beside me whilst wrapping is arm around me. I heard 'aww's. I looked to the doorway to see Connor, Ricky, JC, Sam, Trevor, David, Kian and Jess looking at us and saying 'aww'. Then they all sat around us and Connor did the same thing Calum did. Only with Jess. "Really Nya? Percy Jackson?" David asked clearly annoyed. "Don't judge." I said and continued watching. 


*later on*

We were at the part where Annabeth gets stabbed. Everyone was at the edge of their seats. "ANNABETH!!!!" I yelled. I've seen this movie before but it still makes me cry. Then I fell asleep.

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