Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?




 Nya's POV


Vidcon is over :(. Anyways,I FINALLY GET TO GO TO THE MALL!!!I laughed at myself and grabbed my stuff. I changed into a penguin shirt, some skinny jeans, a snapback and my vans. "GUYS!!! I'M GOING TO THE MALL!!! WHOEVER IS COMING GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!" I yelled. Perrie, Eleanor, Abby, Calum and Louis ran down the stairs. We piled into the van. Louis was driving (oh god), El was in the passenger seat, Abby and Perrie were in the middle and me and Cal were in the back.

*At the mall*

Perrie's POV

I was scrolling through twitter and decided to check Nya's account. I searched her and found it. There was soo much hate and now i'm furious!! "Hey Nya, have you been on twitter?" Abby asked. "No why?" She asked. "Just don't" I said. She shrugged and checked it anyway. She read a few and started laughing. We looked at her confused. "Are you guys serious!? These are hilarious. Especially that one" She said; pointing to one by @Calli_Hood74(A/N hopefully that isn't a real Twitter account. Sorry if its yours). It said "@NJ_Malfoy0513 is soo ugly. What does Calum see in her. She's such a cow. She should just jump off a cliff and die. #die" She started laughing again. We looked at her confused. "Guys, I don't hurt easily. I'm a black belt in Taekwondo, MMA and Karate. Yeesh" She said. We nodded.


Nya's POV

That tweet was soooooooo funny. So I tweeted "@Calli_Hood74 wanna add any other animals to that!? Maybe I can be a zebra!!! Or a penguin!!! Ahahahaha. Do you people out there really think that's gonna hurt me!? Puh-lease. I've been taking martial arts since I was 2. If you guys sent me compliments and nice stuff then maybe Calum would like you. Not that he doesn't love his fans, he just hates haters. Whereas I find them funny #haha" Everyone was looking at me. "What!?" I asked. "What did you tweet!?" Abby asked sternly. "Look for it yourselves. While you do that, I'm going go look for a new leather jacket." I said and skipped away.They all went on twitter on their phones. That is, all of them except Calum. He ran up to me and we hugged. "What was that for?" I asked. "What? I can't hug my girlfriend?" He asked. I laughed and we shopped.


*Later dat day*

So, me and Cal are sitting on the bed in the hotel room. He was watching TV and I was on my laptop watching O2L. I actually know O2L. The 7 of us are besties. "Cal. I'm gonna go to the park" I told him. "M'kay, be careful." He warned. I laughed and nodded. I picked up my penny board, Thunder, and walked out the door and took the elevator to the lobby and walked out of the hotel and rode Thunder all the way to the park. I spent an hour there then rode back home. On my way back, I crashed into someone. "I'm so sorry." The person apologized. "It's fine" I replied, I got up and looked at him. "Connor?" I asked. "Nya?" He replied. "OH MY GOD. CONNOR!!!!" I exclaimed and we hugged. "We need some besties time." I said. He nodded. "Hey, the others are here too. Wanna go see them?" He asked. "No duh." I replied. We laughed and walked to his hotel. Which just so happened to be my hotel. "Hey, this is my hotel too!!" I exclaimed. "YAY!!! WE CAN HAVE MORE BESTIES TIME!!!" He yelled. We chuckled and walked in. "What room are you in?" I asked. "523" He replied. "I'm in 522" I said. "Wait a sec, so we've been practically living in hotel rooms right next to each other and never bumped into one another?" He asked. "Yep" I replied as we got into the elevator. "We should surprise the other boys" He suggested. "Yeah!! But I wanna introduce you to my boyfriend first." I said. He nodded and the elevator got to our floor. We found my room and I unlocked the door. We walked in and Calum was asleep on the bed. I closed the door behind Connor and walked up to the bed and grabbed the mega phone that was beside the bed and said "CALUM HOOD. YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR THE MURDER OF NYA HORAN. HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD" "WAIT WHAT!? NYA'S BEEN MURDERED!?" He yelled. He saw us laughing and glared. "Aw boo.I sowwy" I said in a baby voice. "Alright, I forgive you." He said. "Oh by the way, Cal, this is Connor. Con Da Bon, this is Calum." I introduced. They greeted each other. "So, we're gonna go next door." I said. "M'kay, I'm gonna go back the sleep." He said and laid down. "Okay, Night" I said. "Night." He replied and me and Connor left my room and went to his. He unlocked the door and I hid behind him. We walked in and Connor yelled "I'VE GOT A SURPRISE FOR YOUUU" "Where is it?" Ricky asked. "It's right here." He said and I jumped out from behind him. "NJ!!" They yelled. "RICKSTER, SAMMERS, TREV,  CLOUD BOY, KIKI!!!!" I yelled. We hugged and Sam suggested "We should do some collab videos!!!" "YEAH BUDDY!!!" I yelled.


*After the challenges*

So, for my channel we are going to do the best friend tag. For Kian's channel we played innuendo bingo. For Connor's channel we did the chubby bunny challenge (I won. 4-7). For Trevor's channel we played with helium like Tyler Oakley and Marcus Butler did. For JC's channel we did the salt and ice channel where I gave myself sugar and gave him ice like Jack did when he did this challenge with Oli. It's a genius idea. And for the O2L channel we annoyed people in the lobby. Anyways, we are doing the best friend tag for my channel. I set up my camera on Ricky's tri-pod and started recording. "HEY GUYS!!! So, today I have the frantastic boys of O2L!!! And today we are doing the best friend tag. If they get it wrong I CAN smash an egg to their head. Here it goes. This should be fun" (insert devil smirk here)

 NJ: What are my 4 favourite colours?

 all: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow

 NJ: Correct, who is my famous brother?

 All: Niall Horan from One Direction

 NJ: Yep. Who is my current boyfriend?

 All except Connor: You have a boyfriend?

 Connor: Calum Hood from 5 Seconds Of Summer.

 NJ: Connor got it right. *Smashes egg on the others*

 NJ: Okay so that's all we had time for today so LATER LITTLE COOKIENINJAS!!! I yelled and shut off my camera. Ah, fun day with my besties.


(A/n Okay, I think this is the longest chapter in this story. Who else loves O2L!? If you don't, I am totally judging you right now. JK. So, do you guys like the story still bc if you don't then stop reading. M'kay so i'm gonna go. Ok I just wrote a long chapter do they like it? Will they read on? Asdfghjkl BAI (Haha. Connor Franta moment. Kinda. Oh well)-NJ Malfoy)

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