Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


13. Leaving


 Nya's pov

 I woke up to Niall poking me. "We have to go" He said. "Fine" I grumbled. I walked to my desk to see that Niall put an outfit out for me and that my suitcase was at the door. I knew we were leaving today. The clothes on my desk were my monster sweater, my black skinny jeans, the gryffindor beanie that Clarke bought me for my 10th birthday and 1D socks. Typical Niall. Anyway, I changed, grabbed my rucksack and put my IPhone, IPod, my Harry Potter books, my sketchpad and my pencil in it. I grabbed my suitcase and carried both my suitcase and my rucksack down the stairs. It was 4 am so no one else was up. I wrote a note saying where we were, ran outside (Niall was already in the car with Paul. Paul knows about Clarke) and hopped into the car. Goodbye London. I'll see you soon.

 Paul's pov (SURPRISE!!!)

 I feel bad for these two. They were so close to Clarke. Yes, I've known Nya longer than Niall. Don't ask how, we just know each other from Nya's photography school. Anywho, I took them to the airport and watched them leave. I drove back to the boys' house and went back to sleep. Yes, I live there too. I have to watch Louis pretty much all the time.

Niall's pov

*After the plane ride*
After we landed, our cousin, Daira, came to pick us up. We were closest to her and Clarke. We all understood each other. Anyway, she picked us up and she dropped us off at our house. Dad greeted us. Greg had moved out with his wife, Denise. Nya walked up to her old room. I went to my old room. Nothing changed. It was still very messy so I cleaned then went over to Nya's room. She was playing her guitar and singing Little Things. I smiled and sat in front of her. She smiled at me. It was my solo so I sang. When we finished, dad came in and said that the funeral had been moved to tomorrow and to go to sleep. We nodded and he left. I bid Nya goodnight and went into my room. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

 Nya's pov again

*The next day*

 I woke up at 9. The funeral was at 12. I got up and showered. No I will not explain my shower you bloody perverts. After I showered, I changed into sweats and my 5sos t-shirt that Ashton gave me. I went downstairs to find BACON!!! "You are honestly the best dad ever" I told my dad. He smiled. Niall wasn't down here yet so it's time for payback. You see, last time we had bacon at the boys' house, Niall ate it all. So, it's payback time. I ate all the bacon and then Niall came down the stairs and into the kitchen where I was finishing the bacon. I smirked. "HEY, WHERE'S MY BACON!?" He yelled. "In my stomach" I replied and finished the rest of the bacon. He sulked. "Aww. Sorry brudder but it's payback for when you finished MY bacon." I said. It was now 10 so I went upstairs and took another shower. Again, I will not explain my shower you bloody perverts. Anywho, I changed into something I would normally NEVER wear. I was wearing a casual white dress that came up to my knees. I had a black cardigan, my Gryffindor tie and my red checkered vans. Clarke loved my vans so much that he got a pair just like them. I sighed and curled my hair. After that, I ran down the stairs. I had my shoulder bag that contained my phone, my wallet and some other things that I'm not gonna say because I don't wanna list them. Then dad and Niall came down and we went to the funeral.

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