Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


44. Interview

Cedric's POV (wow that's new)

I woke up to Nya's phone ringing. Why is it in my room? Oh yeah, we were watching a movie yesterday and fell asleep. I answered it. "Hello?" I asked; groggily. "Hello. Is Nya there?" The person asked. "Yeah but she's asleep." I replied. "Oh. Well, you two have an interview today at 2pm." The person said. "Okay. Where?" I asked. "At the Alan Carr studio." The person replied. "Okay then. Bye." I said. "Goodbye." The person replied and I hung up. "Who was that?" Nya asked; sleepily. "Some person saying we have an interview with Alan Carr at 2." I replied. "What time is it right now?" She asked. I looked at the clock. "It's 7:45." I replied and she groaned. "Too early to be awake." She replied. "Agreed. I'm going back to sleep." I said. "Yeah me too." She said an we went back to sleep.


"CED!!! WAKE UUUUP!!!!" Someone yelled and hit me with a pillow several times. "OKAY I'M UP!!!" I yelled. I opened my eyes to see Nya running out of my room. I sighed and got up. I took a shower, changed and did the morning stuff. I went downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal. Nya came down the stairs ready to go. I finished my cereal and put the bowl in the sink. "Let's go." I said and we walked to my range rover. We drove to the studio and got ready.


(A= Alan. N=Nya. C=Cedric)

A: Welcome back to part four. Today we have the lovely couple. Nya and Cedric!!!!

N: *waves to audience*

C: *does the same*

A: *hugs both of them*

N&C: *hugs back*

A: well, don't just stand there. Why don't we all go and sit?

N&C: Sure. *sits on the couch*

A: *sits on his chair* Drink?

N: I don't drink.

C: Neither do I.

A: well then you party poopers.

N&C: *laughs*

A: would you like some coke or pepsi then?

N&C: Pepsi.

A: you two have the exact same interests, don't you?


A: Taking Niall's line, are you?

C: I actually said it first.

A: Really?

C: Yeah. Then Nya took it and then Niall took it. We've all known each other since elementary.

A: wow. So where exactly did you two meet?

N: We met at the school gym. We were both in the basketball league.

A: You played basketball.

C: Yep. I've been playing since I was three.

N: I've been playing since I was 5.

*skip to le end of le interview*

Nya's POV

"That was...interesting." I said. Cedric laughed. We're going to Nando's without Niall. We walked in and were led to a table. We ordered and started talking. "Hey um Nya? There's something I want to tell you." Cedric said. "Okay..." I said. "This isn't fake for me. I really actually love you. Will you be my real girlfriend?" He asked. I was shocked. I nodded. He smiled at me. Our food came and we talked about soo many things. We finished eating and went home.

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