Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


34. I'M BACK

(A/N Guys, I'm pissed. A friend of mine added me in a convo then said I sucked. What's up with that!? He's a pancakehead. I hate him. I'm not talking to him anymore. Yeah. Onto the story. -NJ Malfoy)


 Nya's pov

*3 weeks later*

So, I got back to England about a week ago. I miss the O2L boys like crazy but I missed home. Anyways, the others should be home in about an hour. They still don't know that I'm here. So yeah. I'm mad at David because he's being a pancakehead. Luckily, he decided to move to Japan. So I won't be seeing him in a while. I'm currently facetiming with Sam. He's like my little brother. Considering he's younger than me(A/n I don't know Sam's birthday. Don't judge!! Whoever comments his birthday first will...IDK. Be in the story?). Oh, you should probably know that Abby dumped Harry which is pretty obvious, Michael is dating an awesome girl named Lydia and that Abby is now dating Ricky. It won't be a long distance relationship for them because O2L are moving to England in a few weeks. YAY!!! 

*An hour later*

I heard someone unlock the door and then I heard someone say. "I miss her". Probably Calum. They walked into the living room and saw me. "Sup" I said and went back to texting Sam. They gaped. "Seriously? Close your mouths. Do you want flies in your mouth?" I asked. They closed their mouths and they all tackled me. "Jeez. Guys. Get off." I said. They laughed and got off. "What are you doing here?" Perrie asked. "That's what the surprise was. I LIVE HERE!!!" I yelled. They screamed and attacked me with hugs. I laughed at all of them. "Oh and Abby, O2L IS MOVING TO ENGLAND IN A FEW WEEKS" I yelled. She screamed. Harry looked kind of upset. "Haz. Come here for a sec." I said. The others went to unpack. "Why so glum chum?" I asked. "I loved her. Why'd I have to go and try to make out with Taylor!?" He asked. "Harry. That's something for you to answer. I know you loved her but she's moved on. It's time you did too. If you want, I'll help." I said. He looked at me. "Really!? After all that?" He asked. "Yeah. What are friends for? I know Abby probably forgave you so why not?" I said. He thanked me a butt load of times. "Stop thanking me. I know I'm awesome" I said. He laughed and nodded. He left to unpack and I started to watch TV. There was nothing good on so I switched it to Treehouse. Don't judge. Stuff there is actually pretty good. The Octonauts was on. "YES!!!!" I screamed and started watching. Everyone ran down the staris to see what was wrong. Then they saw what I was watching and laughed. Well, everyone except Abby. She yelled the same thing I did and jumped onto the couch and sat beside me. "We have 2 children amongst us." Harry said. I glared at him. Then the doorbell rang. "I'LL GET IT NIALL!!" I screamed even though he was beside me. "OK NYA" He yelled back. We used to do this every time someone rang the doorbell while he was looking after me. I went to open the door and there stood a good friend of mine. "RACHEL!!" I yelled. "NYA!!!" she yelled back. "ABBY GET YOUR LAZY ARSE UP THE STAIRS AND CHANGE" I said. I was ready. "UGH. FINE!" She yelled and went to change. She came down five minutes later and we left. 


*An hour later*

We've been throwing skittles at each other, at the park, this whole time. Then my phone rang. "Yello" I said. "WHERE ARE YOU?" Liam yelled. "Jeez. I'm at the park with Abby and Rachel. Niall knew." I complained. "Oh. Well. Be home in 5 minutes. We have a concert and I don't trust you right now." He said. "Ugh fine. Be there soon. I'm bringing Rachel with us." I said. "That's fine." He said and I hung up on him. We laughed and rode our pennyboards back to the house. We walked into the house and I saw Liam. I grabbed a skittle and threw it at his face. "AYE" He yelled and we bursted out laughing. Ahahaha fun times.

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