Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


33. Good and bad

(A/N in this let's pretend Taylor didn't write songs about all her exes and was actually good at somethings. And the fact that I hate her. Let's pretend that's not real. -NJ Malfoy)

 Nya's POV

*A week later* 

 "I'm off to go to Subway, for the wonderful food of Oz!!!" I said to my camera. I was vlogging. Haha. "Hey Ninjas!!! As you can see I'M AT SUBWAY!!!" I yelled and people stared. I laughed. "People are staring  at me for talking to a camera. I'M A YOUTUBER!!!" I yelled to the camera and the people staring. Some laughed and others just went back to eating. I finished eating and ended the vlog. I was walking past an alley but heard Harry's voice and a girl's voice. But the girl wasn't Abby. "Get off me Harry." It was Taylor Swift. "Oh but why would I?" He asked. He kissed her and she pushed him off. I had decided to record this as soon as I heard Taylor's voice. "Harry. Get. Off." She said. He laughed and kissed her again. She pushed him off again and I ran to the rescue. I tapped his shoulder and he turned around. His eyes widened. "Catch" I said to Taylor and she caught my phone. "Hey Tay, can you record me beating him up?" I asked. I had Harry cornered. "Yeah sure." She said and started recording. First, I punched his face......multiple times. "How. Dare. You. Cheat. On. My. Best. FRIEND!!!" I yelled as I punched him. I kicked him and said "AND FORCED TAYLOR TO KISS YOU. YOU KNOW, SHE'S MY FRIEND TOO!!!" I yelled. I stopped and saw that he had a bloody nose, a big bruise on his face. Eh, he probably had more injuries. Taylor stopped recording. "Hey Tay, wassup?" I asked. "Not much. Just that this dirtbag trying to make out with me." She said. "Hey, pass me my phone?" I said. She nodded and tossed it to me. Millions of people shipped Abrry. Just so you know, I do not come up with these names. THE FANS DOO :)!!! Hehe. I called Niall. "Hey Ni" I said. "Sup." He asked. "Oh, you know, I vlogged, found Harry trying to kiss Taylor, beat him up. Yeah that's all." I said casually. Harry was groaning. "SHUT UP" I yelled at him. "WHAT DID HE DO!?" Niall yelled. "I found him trying to make out with Taylor. Taylor obviously didn't want him too so I recorded it then beat him up. Tell the other boys and come with a car. Oh and tell Paul too. He's mine and Abby's other daddy!!!" i said. Niall said yeah and we hung up. "You are in sooo much trouble Harry. You realise after this, I won't be able to see you as a cuddly person anymore. I'll only see you as a dirtbag that cheated on my best friend (NO HATE TO HARRY!!! I LOVE HIM AS MUCH AS I LOVE THE OTHER BOYS!!!)." I said. The boys and Paul came. They shook their heads at him in disappointment. They carried him into the van whereas I just rode my pennyboard to their hotel. I walked into Abby's room to find her bawling. El, Perrie, Electra and Ryanne were trying to calm her down. "Guys.." I said. "I-is i-it t-true?" Abby asked. I sighed but nodded. "Abby, you know Tay loves you like a sister. She would never take your guy. Harry is just a douche. If it makes you feel better. He probably has a broken leg, multiple bruises and he has a bloody nose." I said. She laughed and stopped crying. Calum walked in. "What happened?" He asked. "Harry. F*cking. Styles is what happened. Then, we all walked downstairs to the living room thingy. Then I got a phone call. "Hey, is Abby ok? I hard what happened. It's all over the news" It was Ricky. "Ricky, this is your chance. She's liked you for a while and you obviously love her!!! Come over here and ask her." I said. "Yeah" He said and we hung up. I walked into the living room thingy again. Then I got a phone call....again!! I walked out and answered. "Herro!!!" I said. "Hey!!!" IT WAS ASHLEY!!! "ERMAHGERD. ASHLEY!!!" I yelled. "GOOD NEWS!!! YOU AND DAVE ARE MOVING BACK TO LONDON!!!" She yelled. "OH MY F*CK!!" I yelled. She laughed then hung up. I'll make it a surprise for the boys and girls. I walked back into the living room thingy again and saw that the girls were gone and the boys were there. "I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOUU!!!" I yelled. "WHAT IS IT!?" They yelled. "You will have to wait until the end of tour" I said. They smiled. Tour ends in 3 weeks. YAY!!!

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