Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


7. Chapter 7

*after the tour*

 Calum's pov (surprising, i know)

 I'm planning on asking Nya out. I don't know how. There's 2 people I can talk to. Niall or Abby. I'm gonna talk to Abby. I walked to Abby's room to find her watching Hunter X Hunter. "Abby, I need to ask you something" I said. "Okay" She replied. "How can I ask Nya to my girlfriend?" I asked. "Just watch a movie with one of her favourite actors. Take her to Nandos then ask her then" She said like it wasn't a big deal. "Thanks" I said then walked to Nya's room. I knocked on the door. She opened it and yelled "HI CALUM!!!" "Hey Nya, wanna come watch a movie with me downstairs?" I asked. "Sure, what movie?" She asked. "Harry Potter" I said but she ran down the stairs. I laughed then walked down the stairs. "Which one?" I asked. "ORDER OF THE PHOENIX!!!" She yelled. I chuckled and put in the movie.

 *later that day*

We watched ALL the Harry Potter films. We are now at Nandos. "Hey Nya, can I ask you something?" I asked. "Of course" She said. "Would you be my girlfriend?" I asked. "Took you long enough" She said. I looked at her confused. "Dude, I've liked you for a while. You're even my favourite in your band!!" She said. "So will you?" I asked. "Of course" She said. I smiled. "On one condition." She said. "Anything" I replied. "Don't break my heart" She told me. "I promise" I said. "Wanna go home now?" I asked. "Yeah let's go. I wanna watch 'The Woman in Black'" She said. We got up, payed and walked home hand-in-hand. When we got home, we fell asleep while watching The Woman in Black.

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