Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


11. Chapter 11


 Nya's pov

 I was playing Minecraft when the doorbell rang. I'm guessing someone went to get it. "NYA GET YOUR BUM DOWN HERE!!!" I heard Zayn yell. "FINE" I yelled back. I walked downstairs to find Perrie. One of my best friends. "EDWARDS!!!" I yelled. "HORAN!!!" She yelled back and we dramatically ran to each other and hugged. "What's going on- EDWARDS!!" Abby yelled. "MURS!!" She yelled back and Abby joined the hug. Everyone else looked confused. "Me and Abby lived in South Shields for a year and met Perrie and we've been best friends ever since." I explained. "Yeah, I've known them longer then I've known you buttheads." Perrie said. Me and Abby laughed. "We aren't buttheads!!" They said. "K fine. Can someone take us somewhere? We're boorrreeed" I complained. "Nope, Not me" Zayn and Perrie said. "Can't" Liam and Dani said. 5sos weren't there. Neither was El and Harry. "Louis. Take us somewhere" I demanded. "Why me? I don't wanna" He protested. "Only Jimmy can protest" I said. "HEY THAT'S MY LINE!!! TAKE ZAYN'S" He yelled. "I already did. So if anyone isn't gonna take us anywhere then....TO THE BATCAVE!!!" I yelled the last part and me and Abby ran to our secret room. Once, no one was home except us. We were exploring the house and found this room. We put a TV, electronics, 2 mattresses, pillows blankets, stuff to occupy us and a mini fridge which we filled with food. We call it the 'Batcave'. Anyways, we ran in there and locked the door. Once you're in, you can hear what's happening outside but people outside can't hear you. There's a door leading to my room and my room has a door that leads to Abby's room. It's awesome.


I locked my bedroom door and Abby locked her's and we got out from the Batcave. Niall tried opening my door and failed. Then he saw me in the living room. He was so confused. It was hilarious. 

*End of flashback*

 We heard people outside. "Where are they?" I heard a voice ask. Liam. The only people who know about the Batcave is me, Abby, Harry, Luke and Calum. "They said something about a batcave" Another voice said. Niall. I walked through the door that leads into my room. I laughed and Liam said "Did you hear that?" I'm assuming Niall nodded because someone knocked on my door. "Come in" I said. It looked like I was on Minecraft the whole time. "What's the batcave?" Liam asked as he walked through the door. "Not telling you" I said. 'Why" He asked. "Cuz its a secret now leave me be" I sassed. He nodded and left. Someone knocked on the door again. "Come in" I said annoyed. Louis and Niall came in. "TELL US WHAT THE BATCAVE IS!!!" They yelled "Okay fine, come closer" I said. They nodded and obeyed. Once my mouth was close to their ears, I yelled "I'M NOT TELLING YOU BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T TAKE US ANYWHERE" "oww" They said and rubbed their ears. "Can you at least tell us who knows where it is?" Niall asked. "Me, Abby, Luke, Harry and Calum" I said. "But you're not gonna get it out of them. If we tell anyone, the oath must be taken. But I'm not gonna tell you so leave me be" I said. "Fine" They huffed and left my room. I closed the curtains, locked my door and entered the batcave. Those dimwits won't find this place. Maybe we'll tell Perrie. "Hey Abby, we should tell Perrie about the Batcave." I said. She nodded and we entered my room and went into the living room. "Edwards!!!" We yelled. "Yeah?" She asked. "Come with us. Zayn can come too I guess" Abby said. "Where are you going?" Liam asked. "Showing them the Batcave" I said. "How come they get to know and not us?" Louis asked. "Because we trust them more than you. Plus, they're our bestest friends" I said. The all turned sad. "Maybe one day we'll show you" I said. The got happy again. "Follow me" I said to Zerrie. They nodded and we entered my room. "You cannot tell anybody about this place. Got it?" I said. They nodded. I moved my bookshelf, which is the door to the Batcave, and all four of us entered. "Welcome to the Batcave. We will begin the ceremony" Abby said. "Ceremony for what?" Zayn asked. "So you become a cookie ninja duh" I said. "Before we begin, any questions?" I asked. "What're the cookie ninjas?" Perrie asked. "Tis our club. The only way you can enter the Batcave is if you're a cookie ninja." I explained. "Who else is a cookie ninja?" Zayn asked. "Me, Nya, Harry, El, Luke and Calum" Abby said. "Onto the ceremony." I said. I grabbed a pack of cookies. "Take a cookie and do the cookie challenge" I said. They nodded and did as they were told. They both got it in the mouths."Do you guys know ninja language?" Abby asked. Surprisingly, they both nodded. "Now put your right hand on your heart and say 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good'" (a/n HARRY POTTER) They said that and we handed them ninja masks. "You are now cookie ninjas. Now there are 2 rules. 1. No sex in the Batcave and 2. Don't tell anyone about the Batcave." Abby said. They nodded and we left the Batcave. We all put on our masks, I handed them ninja outfits and put my red and yellow one on. Abby had a green one, Zayn had a dark blue one and Perrie had a yellow one on. We used our ninja skills and entered the living room. Harry and 5sos were back. Me and Abby nodded to Calum, Luke and Harry and they ran up the stairs. When they came back, Harry was wearing an orange one, Calum a red one and Luke was wearing a white one. Everyone else were confused. Liam stood up and tried to walk over to me but I simply kicked him and he fell back. "What was that for?" He asked. I signed to them 'attack'. They nodded while I ran up the stairs to grab supplies. I grabbed spoons and paper ninja stars. I came back and Michael, Liam, Louis, Niall, Dani and Ashton were tied up. We all took our masks off and I handed each of them 5 ninja stars and 2 spoons. Liam whimpered. "We're not bringing these near you Liam, there so we can finish the ice cream." I said. Niall's eyes widened. "And we're eating all the carrots." Abby said. Louis eyes widened too. "Wait, I lied. We are bringing these near you, Liam" I said and smirked. His eyes widened too. "Just so you know, El is on our side too" We smirked. "Why are you doing this?" Liam asked. "Cuz you guys all tried to find the Batcave." I said. "Michael and Ashton tried last week but failed miserably. Dani tried a few days ago and failed. You three tried earlier and failed also. Now you must be punished." Calum said. Zayn and Perrie grabbed Dani's make-up, I grabbed the ice cream, Calum grabbed the Toy Story movies, Luke moved Liam's chair away from the others and put spoons around it, Abby grabbed the carrots. I then grabbed Michael's guitar. as well as Niall's. I let Ashton go because he is actually one of us. He ran up the stairs and put on a black ninja suit. "Why did you let him go?" Perrie asked. "He is actually one of the founders of the cookie ninjas. Me, Abby and Calum are the other founders." I explained. "Founders are cookie masters" I said. Perrie nodded. We then put in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and ate all the ice cream and carrots. Hehe. We're so evil. We let our 'prisoners' go. Niall and Louis started crying. We finished the movie and Me, Calum, Abby, Harry, Zayn and Perrie added an extra mattress to the Batcave and we all slept in there. Luke was in a sleeping bag. We watched all the Harry Potter films in there and then fell asleep.



*A/N I'm having a bad day. My IPod is being stupid and won't let me enter the password. Now I have to get it fixed somehow. HELP!! Oh and the Cookie Ninjas are real. Me and my friends made it up. If you wanna join then comment and I'll see what I can do. ~Nya

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