Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


29. Brother/sister bonding time!!!

[A/n i really need the ninjas opinion whether Troye and Tyler should date in this. I MIGHT ADD ZALFIE INTO THIS SO BE WARNED I MAY ACTUALLY FANGIRL OVER THIS IF I ADD ZALFIE!!! They are seriously my fave YouTube couple!!! So, comment if you ship Troyler and if I should make Troyler real in this? Idk. COMMENT PLS!!!! -NJ Malfoy/Pottorff ;) ]


 Niall's POV

 You guys know how we're on tour right? Well, we're in JAPAN!!! We're using like 3 buses. 1 for the guys, 1 for the girls and 1 for the guests. The guests are O2L, Jessica, Troye, Tyler, Alexis, Caspar, Jack and Finn. "HEY NJ2!!!" Nya yelled in my ear. "HEY NJ1!!!" I yelled back. "Why is Nya NJ1 if she's younger?" Alexis asked. "Oh my dear Alexis, it's because my middle name is Jade and Jade comes before James. If that makes sense." Nya explained. Nya and Alexis are REALLY close. Almost as close as her, Abby and Jessica. "NJ1!!! WE NEVER HAD OUR BROTHER/SISTER BONDING TIME!!! ITS BEEN YEARS!!!" I yelled. "OH MAH GOD. WE SHOULD GO NOW!!!" She yelled. I nodded and she ran off the bus (the bus was parked). I ran to my bunk, grabbed some clothes, ran to the bathroom and changed. When I was done, I ran out of the bus and into Nya's to find Abby watching a movie with Harry and Harry eye raping her. Ahahahaha JK JK!!! No, they were cuddling. *Sigh* I wish I had a girlfriend. But then again, I do have a crush on Electra. But she won't like me. "NIALL JAMES HORAN!!!" Nya yelled and slapped me. "OW! WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT FOR!?" I yelled. "You were in a trance for like 5 minutes, mate" Harry answered. "No sh*t sherlock." Abby said and hit his head. "AYE!!!" He yelled and Nya bursted out laughing with Abby. "Okay, why you laughin'?" Harry asked. "Something......happened.......between......Nya........and.......David.......ahahahah.....Niall........remember?" Abby said between laughs. I thought for a second then remembered. I bursted out laughing remembering what happened when Nya was grade 4 and I was grade 6. "What happened?" Harry asked. (A/n what I'm about to tell you happened like 2 months ago) "We were walking back to the doors after recess and David decided to attempt to put me in a headlock. I blocked it and said "You know, If you don't let go, I'm gonna kick you in the balls." His response was "Oh yeah. Try me" So I stomped on his foot whih caused him to let go and then kicked backwards and hit his balls. He groaned but then was fine and tried again. The same process happened once more after that." Nya said and Harry started laughing really hard. "NIALL!!! LET'S GOOOOOO!!!!" Nya yelled. "Oh yeah. LEGGO!!!" I yelled and we ran outside. Nya had her penny board so I got Paul to get me a bike so I could at least catch up to her. We started walking first and she stroked Thunder (The penny board). Then she put Thunder on the ground and started riding the penny board whilst I got on the bike and tried to keep up with her. We ended up at a skateboard shop. "Why are we here?" I asked. "Thunder needs a little fix and I'm getting 2 other penny boards." She answered. "Full of questions today aren't we Niall and 1 is for you and 1 for me. I want another one. Thunder is getting lonely." She said. I laughed at that comment and we walked inside. She told the guy what was wrong with Thunder and he went to the back to fix it. We started looking around for a pennyboard and I found one that I really want. It was blue with teal wheels. I grabbed it and looked for Nya. When I found her, she was hugging a pennyboard that was red with yellow wheels. "I'm naming you Gryffindor." She said to the pennyboard and I laughed. She looked at me and glared. "Jeez. I'm naming mine too. Hm.....what should the name be Nya?" I asked knowing what she was gonna say. "It's blue and teal like the ocean so it should be POSEIDON!!!!" She yelled. I laughed and nodded. We walked up to the counter and the guy came back with Thunder looking as if we just bought it. We paid and rode our pennyboards to the park. Well, Nya rode and I walked. Paul picked up the bike earlier. We got to the park and Nya taught me how to ride it. I practiced while she went on the ramps. Awhile later, she stopped and screamed. I rode Poseidon over to her. "What? What happened?" I asked. "RICHARD!!!! STEVEN!!!!" She yelled. Those names seemed familiar. I turned around. Ohh. It was her best friend Roger and his brother Steven. I walked over to them and they were hugging. "Hey Richard! Hey Steven!" I said. "Sup" They said. "What are you doing here?" Nya asked them. "Traveling. We're 20 so we can go anywhere!!!" Steven yelled. Nya laughed and said. "No sh*t sherlock" We all laughed and we all walked back to the tour buses. We walked into the guest tour bus and hung out there. Ahhh. Fun day!!!

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