Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


22. Birthday partay

Nya's pov

So, Niall decided to bring us to Skyzone. It's a giant trampoline place (a/n skyzone really is a trampoline place.) We all ran inside and blah blah blah. Turns out, all my friends were there and so was my family. There was mum, dad, Greg, Denise, little Theo, Jessica, David, Electra, Ryanne, Caspar, Marcus, Tyler, Zoe, Joey, Troye, Shane, Louis, Joe, Dan, Sawyer,  Jack and Finn and, of course, the lads, Abby, LM, Eleanor, Dani, Brennan, Trevor, Britney, Lemar, Isaac and the other lads. You may be wondering "how does she know all these Youtubers!?" Well, because I am one. My Youtube channel is cookieninjas0513 (a/n that will be my youtube channel name when I get one so please don't use that!!). I have 1 million subscribers so I go to Playlist Live, Vidcon and Summer In The City. That is also how I know Jon but unfortunately, he couldn't come due to the fact that we're in Canada and he's in the UK. Anyways, it's Jack's and Finn's birthday too. So they're celebrating too.



*3 hours later*

 We finished jumping around. They sang happy birthday. And we drove back to the bus where me, the lads, Abby, the other lads, Jack and Finn, Caspar, Tyler, Troye and Electra watched many, MANY movies. After that, me and Niall asked the boys and Paul if Caspar,Tyler, Troye, Electra, Jack and Finn could come on tour with us since we're all heading back to the UK afterwards. They said no so we begged and pulled our best puppy dog faces (including Caspar, Electra, Troye, Tyler, Jack and Finn) and they FINALLY said yes. So that's what happened on mine, Jack's and Finn's birfday!! 





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