Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


49. Being the nerds we are

(A/N: Hey guys. Should I end this on chapter 50? I'm thinking of ending it there. Then maybe I'll write a brand new sequel. XD Tell me in the comments!!! -NJ Malfoy)

Nya's POV

*few days later*

My boss gave me a few weeks off because he found out that I wasn't eating or sleeping. But now I've gotten sleep and I've eaten........ A LOT!!!! But at the moment, me and Zayn, being the nerds we are, are playing Harry Potter. He's Draco and I'm Harry. "Sectumsempra!!!!" I yelled and pointed my fake wand at him. He pretended to fall on the floor. "What is going on here?" Liam asked as he walked in. "None of your business, Professor Snape." I said. Me and Zayn bursted out laughing. "What's so funny?" Niall asked as he walked in. "Nothing, Ron." Zayn and I said as we laughed. "Why are they laughing?" Harry and Louis asked at the same time. "Okay, I don't want Fred or George in my room so GET OUT, WEASLEYS!!!!" I yelled and Zayn snickered. "I get it." Electra and Abby said. "Hey Hermione, Hey Luna."I said. "Ugh. Looney and mudblood." Zayn fake scoffed . "Shut it, Malfoy." I said. Zayn and I laughed again. "Where's Ginny (Calum), Seamus (Ashton), Neville (Luke) and Lee Jordan (Michael)?" I asked. Everyone shrugged. Calum walked in. "GINNY!!!" I yelled and hugged Calum. He looked at me confused. I let go and said "No one understands. Let's go, Malfoy!!!" I yelled and ran out with my "wand" in hand. Zayn followed. We ran into the living room. "PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!!!" I yelled, he dodged it. "AVADA KEDAVRA!!!" He yelled, I dodged. "SECTUMSEMPRA!!!" I yelled. He pretended to fall to the ground. He got back up and we laughed. We're such dorks.

(A/N: Hey ninjas!!!! Should I end the book here? Or should I make another few chapters? Please comment if I should end it now and make an official sequel or make a few more chapters. If you want a few more chapters, comment how many more chapters. If you want a sequel, comment names for the sequel. I really need your feedback, guys. I'd really appreciate it if you comment. -NJ Malfoy)

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