Niall's Little Sister

Nya is Niall Horan's younger sister. They haven't spoken to each other since Niall left for the X-Factor. Nya pursued her dream and became a photographer with her best friend Abby. She forgot about Niall. What happens when the reunite?


40. 2 years...

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 Abby's POV

*a few days later*

 It's 2pm and Nya hasn't come out of her room. Wait, is it the day? I checked the calender. Yep, it's the day. It's Clarke's death anniversary. That's why neither Nya or Niall have left their rooms. Heck, they didn't even come out when we announced that there was bacon and tacos!! This has never happened in the NJ's history!! I ran to Nya's room. "NYA JADE HORAN!!! OPEN THIS F*CKING DOOR RIGHT NOW!!!" I yelled. I heard a groan and the door opened. She was a mess. I guess Clarke meant a lot to them. Niall was crying on Nya's bed. Both of their eyes were bloodshot. I immediately engulfed Nya in a hug and she cried on my shoulder. "Why'd it have to be Clarke!? That stupid drunk driver!!!!" Niall yelled. Then there was a knock on the door. I opened it. It was Calum. "Where's Nya!?" He asked worriedly. I pointed to her. She had her head on Niall's shoulder. "It's that day, isn't it?" He asked. I nodded. Calum never got to meet Clarke but I did. Clarke was sooo nice. Why did it have to be him? He was a really nice guy!!! Calum ran to Nya's side and hugged her. "We should go out today. To get your minds away from Clarke." I said.  The three of them nodded and left to change. Well, except for Nya. I went to my room and changed. I walked into the living room and told Electra and Ricky what happened. They wanted to come with us so they went to change. Then, one by one, the five of them walked down the stairs. Calum with Nya, Electra with Niall and Ricky came over to me. Then we left. 


Calum's POV

Man, Clarke must've been really close to them. 


Ricky's POV

Poor Nya and Niall. I'd met Clarke once and he was really nice!!! Me and Clarke were really good friends!!!


Electra's POV

Clarke was soo sweet and caring. When Nya was dating a kid named Chris, Chris cheated then Nya found out and Clarke was the one who comforted her. 


Nya's POV

Why Clarke!? He was the most caring person ever!! He helped the kids who were being bullied and got the bullies to stop!!! Anyways, Abby said we'd be walking around London. And that we'd be going in groups of 2. You guys can probably guess the groups. So, when me and Calum left, I got out my camera. "Hey guys. You can probably tell that I am with my lovely boyfriend Calum!!! And most of you can see that I have been crying. DON'T PANIC!!! Nothing that bad happened. It's Clarke's death anniversary. You guys remember Clarke right? He was in my first, third, tenth and twentieth videos. If that makes any sense." I said to the camera. Calum just laughed. "Be quiet, you pancakehead." I said. He laughed at 'pancakehead'. We both ended up laughing. "Sooo, since Calum is here with me and we're talking a walk in the lovely city called London, I will film most of it. This is probably gonna be like a twenty minute video!!!" I said to the camera and laughed. This will be interesting.


 *later in le day*

We had just gotten home from the VERY LONG walk. I went up to my room, edited the video and posted it. Then Calum walked into my room while I was on Tumblr. Oh how I love that website. I laughed really hard at this picture of Calum there was there. 'What're you laughing at?" He asked. "This hilarious picture of you." I said and continued laughing. He came over, saw the picture, blushed then started laughing with me. See, this is one reason to why I love him. Even when I see one of his most embarrassing pictures, he laughs along!!! We continued scrolling through Tumblr but soon got bored. So, we went on Youtube and made another video. We did the photobooth challenge thingy. We kept laughing at each others faces. We ended that video. I edited it and uploaded it. Then we both sat on my bed and cuddled. We watched TV for a while then I soon felt myself slowly.....falling.....asleep....zzzzzzz.....



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