Raging on paper

Maci had always been that special child no-one really understood. In that way she was like her mother; misunderstood...


1. introduction

       Lizzie had always been misunderstood. Her parents never gotten to understand her, not even her friends got to the point where they would fully understand her. So when she turned sixteen and chose to ran away, no-one really questioned it. They didn't even try to find her.

       From there Lizzie had been on her own, while the very reason why she'd ran away was growing inside her stomach. Lizzie had chosen to runaway because she wanted better for her kid, her daughter. She didn't know who the father was, not because she'd been a slut and slept around half the town, like many of her friends had. No, Lizzie had and would always be a virgin, she'd promised herself to spare it for her husband.

     That's too why Lizzie always been misunderstood, she believed. As the only one from her hometown who'd believed in God. Now if the people she'd grown up around knew this, they'd call her crazy. Come on if you heard of a woman who'd just turn pregnant without having sex, you'd also think she was either crazy or lying. But that's on thing about Lizzie, she would never lie, or do anything 'bad', she believed it'd be like giving her soul to the devil. And one thing Lizzie never would do is, handling anything over to the devil.

    Throughout her pregnancy she'd draw a lot of pictures. The London eye, Bigben, trees and people, loads of people. You see people were one of her big obsessions, she had five obsessions, witch she would use all of her time studying, she wanted to now everything there was to know.

       Winter flew by and it was now spring, it was also time for Lizzie to give birth. Her stomach was so big she couldn't see her own feet, but she didn't really mind, since she knew she soon would be holding her baby girl in her arms. One morning she woke up with a weird feeling, she was just about to make herself some breakfast when her water broke.

        After ten hours at the hospital she finally gave birth. It was, as she suspected, a beautiful baby girl, just three pounds. Lizzie had decided to call her Maci, she'd always loved that name, and ever since she was just a little girl, she'd known if she'd ever had a baby girl, that's what she'd call her.

Maci grew up with her mother Lizzie by her side, telling her good from wrong. Always there to support her, if Maci was felling ill, Lizzie would stay home with her watching cartoons, or telling her stories from the bible.

      By the age of three Maci knew all of the stories, and instead of Lizzie looking after Maci. Maci would look after her mother, she would tell her stories or make her soup, and instantly Lizzie would feel better.

       A year later by the age of four, it was time for Maci to attend school. The day started as every else, Lizzie woke Maci up at six am, the Maci would shower, put on her uniform. Go down the stairs to her mother, who'd be waiting in the kitchen with breakfast. They'd both eat, they hurry out the door so they wouldn't miss the bus. The bus sat them down across the street from the school. They would stand for a second waiting for the little red man to turn green, when he did, they would walk over. When they made it to the middle of the road there was flashing lights, and Maci noticed how these lights wouldn't normally be there, so she stopped in the middle of the road, and watched as her mother continued to walk. Lizzie hadn't seen Maci stopped, and therefore continued to walk. Around her everybody suddenly screamed, that's when she noticed Maci wasn't by her side, that's when she started to panic. Less than a second after she felt a pain in her right leg, and felt herself getting thrown into the air. And in that second she was grateful Maci wasn't by her side.

      Months went by, Maci was now living in an orphanage. They told her that when Lizzie woke she could go back to living with her, but Lizzie never woke up, and it took Maci several years to understand what had happened that day they'd put her coffin six feet under. The day her mother'd left her with only the memories of a happy childhood.

    As the years went by Maci saw friends leave her behind, never to return. She never left the orphanage, not once and this is her story...

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